Ass Worship is what Camille deserves

Imma back it up baby and make this ass clap just for you. I know just what you are looking for when you are looking for all that ass! For starters let me do some role play phone sex that will leave you begging for the real thing. Just give me a hot bikini, cold metal pole and my beautiful ass. It will make you crave giving me the ass worship that I am designed for. You will be mesmerized watching me run my hands up and down that hard steel pole.  A sexy spin of two and I will roll and twerk like a pro so you can find yourself lost in all this chocolate.

Slowly I will peel back my top while I listen to you whimper. I know you want more Daddy, but you have to wait a little bit. This bitch is performing to get you nice and hot! I want your cock calling my name when it is time to fuck. Maybe I should do some of that hot ground work. Back this booty up on your face so you can put your nose right on that sweet ass hole. Sniff in the erotic scent of my beautiful black ass. Than beg me to taste my honey hole. Take it for your own baby. Stick out that tongue and lick all over this hot booty.

Now comes the fun part, because I know you are not going to leave me hanging. I want you to grab hold of me and fuck me, like I am your little fuck whore baby.  I will fuck you so good you can’t help but to beg for more. That is the right way to give me ass worship. Slap my ass and cum deep inside of me baby. I want to feel you bust all the way inside of my stomach. You can do it big Daddy, fuck me real good and give me that load that has been waiting for a bad ass bitch like me!

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Ass Worship