Ass Smelling Stories: He Loves When I Hit The Gym!

Ass smelling is not for everyone. But, when it comes to some of my callers they just can’t get enough! They even buy my smelly panties to get a whiff of me! And I love pleasing them.

My butt-sniffing dirty perverts LOVE sniffing my ass. They’re always wanting to have me hit the gym and sweat all over so they can sniff my dirty bum-bum. When I sweat all over my hot, tight yoga pants is when I get extra smelly! And they drool over the thought of me sweating.

We play as if I were to come home from the gym and they’re horny and need some release. So, I take off my clothes and sit on their leather furniture. Then I rub my butt all over the spot where I am sitting. And then he runs over and sniffs where I was sitting down at.

I giggle for them and call them butt sniffers. And they love it because they’re dirty, butt-sniffing perverts! Then I decide to go to the bed and have them follow me around like a horny little puppy dog. There is where I lie down on my tummy and stick my butt up in the air for them.

They crawl up to my bum.

And take a cheek in each hand, pull them apart, stick their nose right up to my asshole and take a HUGE whiff of my smelly little butt. And boy, does that really get them going! They do it over and over again… they can’t get enough.

I tease them and tell them they’re perverted and I love it. So, next, they wanna hump my pretty, tight butt. I get on my hands and knees and they stick their cocks between my buttcheeks and start to rub their cock right up between them. And I tell them “Hump me, you filthy butt humper!”

And within a few minutes, they cum hard. All over my pretty little bum-bum and they tell me how much they LOVE talking to me. I then entice them by telling them they could buy my panties to actually smell my butt. And most of the time they snatch those right up.

Just think, I could send you my panties and you could sniff my pretty ass. I know you’re thinking about it now. So, what’s stopping you from calling me?

For more fetish phone sex… call me!