Chance Meeting: Ass Licking Good Time

I stood behind her in line at Barnes & Noble, she was fat, really juicy.  She probably weighed 200lbs but that wasn’t a bad thing to me there was something about her.  Her face was utterly gorgeous, it was absolutely stunning and no. She was sexy! Her dark brown hair past her shoulders and her gorgeous green eyes exuded sensuality.  Her ass was BIG, round and that tight black skirt did little to hide how big and fat it was I think she did that on purpose.  She was clearly comfortable with her body full of confidence.  I could see the outline of her booty panties through her tight skirt.  I had no idea later she would be ass licking me.

  I’ve always been attracted to bigger juicy women.  I couldn’t take my eyes off this plus sized goddess in front of me.  Suddenly she looked back at me and smiled, she had a sexy mischievous grin.  She somehow knew I was staring at her, she turned around to get some candy her red shirt rode up exposing a tattoo on her belly.  She looked back at me again catching me staring at her big tits.  I sheepishly smiled at her.  She turned back to the cashier as my eyes moved up that curvaceous body, she had an incredible hour glass figure.  I couldn’t help but wondered what she would look like naked.

  Paying for her purchase looking back at me one more time leaving the store.

  She had my complete attention and she knew it, I watched her walk away as the cashier rang my books.  Quickly paying for my books and hurried after that goddess.  She was still loading her bags into her trunk as I approached.  “Hi,” I said nervously, “I’m David.”  She flashed that million dollar smile, “Hi, I’m Ashley.”  She extended her hand that’s when I noticed the engagement ring.  “I wondered if you would make a move.”  She teased, so flirtatious and sexier up close.  “My fiancee is at work,” she told me quickly, “come home with me.”  “YES!” I couldn’t hide my excitement.  We were in her driveway 10 minutes later.  By the time the garage door closed we were on fire, our lips locked in a frenzied lustful kiss.  Her tongue was long, she plunged it deep into my mouth pulling at my clothes.

  “YES!” I couldn’t hide my excitement.  We were in her driveway 10 minutes later.  By the time the garage door closed we were on fire, our lips locked in a frenzied lustful kiss.  Her tongue was long, she plunged it deep into my mouth pulling at my clothes.

This is the type of tongue that was made for ass licking.

Casting my shirt aside kissing from my neck down to my nipples making my body shiver.  Ashley sucked each of my nipples unbuckling my pants and pushing them too the floor.  She sank slowly to her knees that pretty mouth enclosed around my stiff cock.  Ashley sucked and slurped loudly on my long shaft while tenderly caressing my smooth ball sac, I could feel the cum building in my sac.  She knew it too, stopping Ashley stood up and kissed me deeply, her long tongue danced with mine.  My hands roamed over her big tits and fat stomach, my cock poked against her folds I wanted her!

  Kissing her neck and I unclasped her huge bra freeing her enormous tits.

  “Come upstairs,” she whispered in my ear.  Following her upstairs I watched her big ass swayed back and forth, I couldn’t help it ached for her.  As she sat at the foot of her bed I sank to my knees in front of her.  Her tits were almost the size of bowling balls and they were all natural, I buried my face between those giant pillows and covered them with kisses as her fingers ran through my short hair.  Ashley laid back on her large bed, I admired her sexy rolls.  That big body looked even sexier naked, those wide hips, sexy belly tattoo and her shaved pussy bare and smooth.

  Parting her meaty thighs, my fingers parted her meaty pussy lips and a flood of juices coated my fingers.  Her swollen clit was hard and very sensitive!  “Make me cum my new lover,” she quivered and shook.  “Yes, right there,” she moaned as pleasure washed over her beautiful body.  Pulling me on top of her guiding my big cock into her soaking folds.  I have never felt a pussy so wet before.  I pumped my cock into Ashley’s slippery wet pussy hard and deep, she came all over my cock so fast.  Ashley rolled me onto my back straddling my hips, and started bouncing on my throbbing dick, her giant tits bounced up and down.

Reaching up and squeezing her massive tits Ashley moaned louder and louder!

I loved watching her throw her head back screaming while her pussy pulsed around my dick.  She came twice more riding my thick cock her cum soaked my balls and hips.  Ashley climbed off my cock straddling my head, sucking my cum coated cock.  Her fat pussy and fat ass cheeks smothered my mouth and face.  The taste of her pussy was sweet, my mushroom head throbbed in her mouth.  I swirled my tongue around her clit Ashley cum again and again on my face.  Climbed between her splayed fat thighs and buried my cock balls deep in her pussy, “fuck me deeper.”

  I was close and she knew it, Ashley grabbed my ass and pulled me deep inside her clenching her pussy walls tight on my fat shaft, pumping harder streams of thick hot cum filled her BBW pussy.  Her legs wrapped tight around my ass and held me deep inside still spilling cum into her pussy.

We continued to make out for nearly an hour, until my cock stood stiff again.  Ashley crawled between my legs taking my semi-hard cock into her hot mouth.  She licked our dried cum from my shaft and balls, her wet mouth moved lower finding her way to my tight puckered asshole.  Her wet tongue tickled my brown hole slowly slipping inside.  Stroking my cock burying her face between my ass cheeks, plunging her tongue in and out of my asshole.  Ashley’s long tongue was ass licking me deeply as her hand slowly milked my rock hard cock.

Releasing my dick Ashley continued Ass Licking my tight asshole.

She teased me and kept me on the edge but never letting me release.  Suddenly Ashley sank two chubby fingers inside forcing my ass open as her tongue licked around them. Her fingertips rubbed my prostate making me squirm and moan.  “You like that don’t you?”  Ashley moaned as she pulled her fingers from my gaping asshole licking my ass juice from her fingers.  I moaned loudly as she pressed her face again between my ass cheeks and sank her tongue in my brown hole.  Burying her pretty face between my ass she eased four fat fingers from her right hand inside me spreading my hole open wider.  She was amazing at ass licking! To Be Continued….

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