Ass Licker

I was mad at my boyfriend, Hank, so I decided to cheat on him with his nerdy best friend, Joe, who I always caught staring at my ass. I went to Joe’s house wearing a short, tight fitting mini skirt. He seemed nervous that I was there. “Can I come in?”, I asked. He let me in and I poured out my heart about Hank and how hurt and angry I was. I cried on Joe’s shoulder and said, “All I want is a man who appreciates all of me. Do you know what I mean, Joe?” I wrapped my arms around him and his hands slid down to my round firm ass and he began to rub and squeeze my butt cheeks.

“Oh, Genie, I can’t believe this is happening”, he sighed. I took his hands and guided them up under my skirt and whispered, “Believe it.” The next thing I know the wild man in Joe came out. He slid off my panties and then his face was between my butt cheeks. He was sniffing my ass. Ooops! I farted. He liked it. I could feel his long wet tongue sliding through my crack and circling the rim of my ass. He pulled my hips down to sit on his face. I smothered him. He liked it. He licked my rim and tongue fucked my ass and licked my clit until I squirted. Nerdy Joe has turned out to be the best ass licking revenge fuck ever.

Fuck you, Hank. Your best friend is treating me right.

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