Anna Makes The Freaks CUM out on Halloween!


What is more fun than playing dress-up?

I won’t ever forget the Halloween I talked my boyfriend into dressing up as a hooker, while I dressed up as his pimp. HAHA!

I talked him into going all out, shaving his legs, his chest… his entire body really. He even went shopping with me to pick out his hot lil bra and panty set.  He picked this pink leopard print. YUM! I did, however, pick out his dress… hot pink, short and velvet. Mmmmmm, so fucking hot! I was jealous, they didn’t have it in my size. He wore White wide- holed fishnet stockings, and hot pink sky-high heels. We both fell in love with the long black wavy wig, and I hooked him up with the sluttiest whore make- up, and.. you guessed it! BRIGHT PINK lipstick!

And Off we went.. to a mutual friend of ours’ Halloween party.

The Music was ROCKIN, and then we were approached by a group of our friends “… And Who are you supposed to be?” a friend of ours asked.  I spoke up  ” Well, I’m Pimp master Alotta money, and this is my bitch… Dixie Wrecked”

All of our friends broke into crazy laughter… including us! But Honestly the best part… was when my Ex-boyfriend, actually hit on my NEW boyfriend and didn’t even fucking know the difference!!!

We won best couple costume for the evening and the 200$ prize! But that wasn’t the prize I was concerned about…

I couldn’t wait to get Dixie home, and show her what the business end of my 9-inch rubber fuckie felt like!

But that’s for another blog, now Isn’t it? *wink*

Want to tuck your Halloween- ie into a pretty pair of panties?

Cum play Dress up with me!

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