animal house party

Many sexual adventures make phone sex a perfect fit for me. I got invited to an animal house party at a friend’s private Dude Ranch. No big deal you say? Well, this party was a bit different. Invited guests included both men and women. A few guests brought their special pets. Well trained intact male dogs to be specific.

I had been to my friend’s ranch before way up northwest (~ish) America. No neighbors within miles. Way down on a dead-end road. It is short the kind of place where you could do anything and not get noticed. The main house is huge with wings stretched out around a pool and big back yard. High forested mountains topped with snow year-round, streams cutting through the pastures. I love the open natural freedom to go anywhere and do anything.

But this night was different. I had to show a numbered invitation to the guard to get into the house. The rules were explained and they were simple; no pictures, no last names, as long as it was voluntary anything went. And if you got out of line there was a cost. Simple and direct, I had no problems with them at all. I went in and got undressed and introduced around to everybody.

Oh did I mention that nobody wore anything but a smile?

There were about ten or twelve women and a couple fewer men and several large dogs.

At one end of the pool was a small stage with lights that were to be used for formal shows if anybody felt like performing for the group.

The women were all older with the youngest being thirty-something and the oldest maybe mid-fifties. Ditto for the guys. No movie stars but no ugly ones either, just common gals with a truly open sexual spirit.

I think I was the last guest to arrive. After we had a drink or two it got started. It opened with a thin blonde and her Duke when they took the stage and performed for everyone. They were a long-time pair I found out later. She’d had him since he was a pup and had trained him well. They were comfortable together and relaxed together.

At the end of their performance, one man rushed on stage. Positioning behind her in a semblance of true doggy style and slid his cock right into her.

Of course, she loved it and they were off and running.

Another guy was waiting when the first blew is load and then a third screwed her into the floor before she begged off on any more. One hell of an opening act.

From then on it was sex everywhere. Women being fucked in the original doggy style. Two men, a man and two women. About the only thing not being done was two men going at it in the original doggy style. I forgot how many orgasms I had but I can tell you I needed a long rest after the party before I could cum again.

One woman took on every living thing almost nonstop.

When it was over, she just collapsed and was out of it for the rest of the night. It was funny to watch her since she was perhaps the oldest and looked like some kid’s grandmother.

The old broad could fuck though, a lifetime of practice, I guess. I’d never been to a real full-scale no restrictions anything goes orgy before. And it was a real experience let me tell you. It got to the point where every woman there was dripping jizz from her holes whenever she moved. God, it was wild.

Sometime around three or four in the morning everybody just dropped in their tracks.

It was noon before I woke up and I was one of the first. Slowly the rest came to life and some of us poor girls could almost not move we were so sore.

We stayed around and helped clean up the mess. Good thing since the EPA might have declared it a hazmat area if they ever found out about it.

I spent the entire weekend and got to see just how well trained and special the animals of the ranch are. I have been back for special parties a few times since. As a matter of fact, I understand there’s another party planned in a couple of months. I can’t wait.

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animal house party
animal house party

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