Thanksgiving is the time to be thankful for a lot of things. For me, it is my insatiable sexual desire that makes me giving things like anal sex to people who would otherwise never experience it. This would include my uncle. After all, his stiff of a wife is so boring she will only give him head in the shower. So when I showed up to family dinner wearing my sexy dress, stockings, and heels my uncle wasted no time to tell his niece how good her ass looked.

Anal Sex Was What My Uncle Wanted – I Told Him I Was A Virgin!

We would bump into each other a few times in the evening. Every time he would make a comment in regard to how much butt sex I must be having. However, my family tends to think I am such a good girl so after about the third time I decided to play a little game with my horny Uncle. A big wicked girn rose to my lips and when he asked me again I told him I was an anal virgin. However, I would love it if my uncle would pop my butt cherry and cum in my tight ass!

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His eyes were wide as saucers. I swear it was like the frumpy wife or me being family never crossed his mind after that. Like a horny dog, he grabbed me by my wrist and yanked me to my grandmother’s bedroom. He stripped away my clothes and tossed them into the corner of the room. He shoved me onto the bed and slapped my ass lining his already throbbing boner with my ass. “Hold your breath babe,” he groaned out. I bit my lip as my pussy flooded itself and his head popped in. Then he fucked me like the good little whore I am!

I fucking love family time!

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