I love Anal Sex and strap-on play.

Anal sex and strap-ons are the best when I’m in the mood to pound some boy pussy.

 I’ve got a nice, thick 7-inch dick between my legs… well I do when I’m wearing my strap-on and when I’ve got some guy balls deep in my pussy. With Matt, the dick I had between my legs was my strap-on and I gave his tight boy pussy a pounding.

 I’ve played with him a few times before and he always wants me to do something with his ass, he loves Anal Sex and knows my strap-on very well and he’s been dying to get fucked with it again.

 I made him wait a few weeks because I wanted him on edge and desperate for it. He bugged me so much, sending me texts and begging for it, promising me all sorts of things if I just did it. It was fun seeing how his texts got more out there as time went on and when I thought he couldn’t take it anymore I told him to come on over for Anal Sex.

 Quickly I unlocked my door then went to get ready for him.

Getting naked, I put on my strap-on and waited for him in bed. I heard him coming to my bedroom and I got to the door before he did. It was open a bit but only so he could see my top half and I teased him by asking how bad he wanted to see the rest of me. He told me a lot and I said he had to prove it to me.

 There was already a bulge in his pants but I made him get naked then get down on his knees. His dick was rock hard as he begged me for my dick and Hardcore Sex and after a minute I pushed open the door, showing him what I had. I held it and smacked it across his face a couple of times then went to my bed.

Laying on my side I started lubing up as he laid down in front of me. I handed him the lube and watched him play with his ass, loosening it up for me and Anal Sex.

He then lifted his knee up to his chest and I started pushing my dick into him.

 Matt moaned as it stretched his hole and went in deeper. When it was all the way in I leaned forward and kissed him as I did small thrusts. I flicked my tongue into his mouth and he pushed his ass back on my dick, trying to fuck himself with it because he wanted it harder.

Putting my hand on his chest I thrust harder as his teeth grazed my lip. He gasped and reached down so he could grab his dick.

Slowly he jerked off as I pounded his ass and every now and then he’d make these sexy little noises in his throat.

Pinching his nipple I kept fucking him as he tugged on his dick. I gave his neck a little nibble and he ground against me. We moved together and he gasped loudly as I worked his prostate. I thrust deep and hard, making him lose his mind.

 He tensed up and groaned as he came all over his hand. I jabbed his prostate a few times then pulled out of him. He laid there breathless and I wondered if he could handle going again.

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