An anal sex story from my hometown.

I was quiet when I was in school, so I overheard quite a few anal adventures during my days at college. This story isn’t mine, though, from her description, I have no doubt this was a true anal sex story. She was so descriptive as she gingerly sat in the common room of the dorm that you could have easily mistaken her for a phone sex operator. Thank god she was loud so I could hear every naughty word!

I’d be lying if I claimed I didn’t get wet listening to her, or if I claimed I didn’t fuck my ass, hard, after she finished telling her anal sex story. I totally did both of those things. It felt so taboo that I couldn’t help myself! You know how horny I can get! Anyway, I know my bad boy is ready to hear this sexy little tale, so I’ll just dive right in!

Like most college anal sex stories, it happened when Sabrina was drunk.

“I can’t believe you guys just let me wander off! What if someone had forced me to have sex!?” This was probably not a great way to start her conversation if her roommate’s barely contained laughter was any indication. I didn’t see the looks they exchanged, but eventually, Sabrina started laughing too.

“Fine, ok, whatever. So no one forced me to have sex…but I did. Well. Sort of. Do you count anal?” Sabrina asked.

“Uh, yeah. If a cock is going into your hole, it’s sex. No one cares which hole it is now…maybe 20 years ago, or if you were Catholic you could pretend, but…”

I could tell that it didn’t matter to Sabrina, she was just trying to draw attention to the fact that she was brave enough to come back with her own anal sex story.

I rolled my eyes but settled in to hear her actual story.

” So after you bailed on me at Eric’s housewarming party, I started dancing and Eric came up and started grinding with me. Do you know how he keeps that shed outback? Well, he’s wanted to fuck someone in it to christen the house. He practically yanked my arm off trying to get me there! Once we got inside, I was kinda mad. No bed, no chair, no counter… I almost turned right back around but he scooped me up and wrapped my legs around his waist.

“God, his tongue tasted so good in my mouth though! He pushed my back into the wall while we were making out, but I was so lost in the feeling of his tongue trying to trap mine that I didn’t even notice until he moved his hands to pull his cock out of his pants. Oh, don’t look at me like that! I know I’m a slut. I can’t help it!”

If they were looking, they might have noticed how intently I was listening now.

I knew Eric, and getting to have an anal sex story in his shed would be a dream come true. Was I jealous? Surprisingly, no. He was hot, but not someone I wanted to fuck, just someone I wanted to imagine fucking someone else.

” It was the dirtiest sex I’ve ever had. We didn’t even take our clothes off. He just pulled his pants down a little bit and slid my thong to the side. I didn’t even really get any foreplay, but my pussy was so wet. So. He slides his cock along my pussy lips but doesn’t put it inside me. I’m dying from all the teasing, and then he leans in and whispers in my ear that he’s going to ream my ass! He didn’t even give me time to prepare, he just grabbed his thick cock in his hand and rammed it inside of me.”

I wanted to run back to my room to masturbate, right then, but I couldn’t move. I knew it was about to get so much hotter. This anal sex story was a surprise at every turn. I sat back in my chair and tried to pretend I was concentrating on my essay as Sabrina continued.

“I screamed. It fucking hurt so bad, you have no idea. Like it felt like I was going to pass out at first. He covered my mouth with his and fucked me as hard and as fast as he could. I could feel my ass sticking to his cock as he pulled out, Sarah. No real lube, no time to adjust, just pure raw fucking. It didn’t take too long for it to start feeling amazing though. Eric must watch a lot of dirty talk porn because his words were completely on point!”

I could imagine all of the dirty things Eric had to say because he’d probably said most of them to me at one point or another.

I’d also seen his huge dick in action. Bisexual threesomes are kind of our “thing” so I wasn’t really shocked by how roughly he treated her. The boy did love his anal! I wanted to stay and listen to the rest of her story, but I really did need to get my essay done. If I was going to get off to the thought of Eric’s anal sex story then I needed to start toying myself ASAP!

I folded up my laptop, winked at Sabrina(she actually blushed!), and went back to my room for a half-hour of rough anal fantasies.

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