Anal Sex Stories: He Stalked Me Until I Let Him Fuck My Ass

Anal sex stories are super great. I love anal sex! But, sometimes they’re crazy as fuck. This one is about this guy that stalked me and wouldn’t stop. That is until I let him fuck my ass.

He found me again. In a crowded movie theater in the dark. I didn’t know what to do except be a bitch to him. I had been followed by him for far too long and it was time to leave me alone. So, I got up out of my seat and had him follow me outside.

“Bailey, I love you so much. Please, let me love you,” his pathetic ass said. “No. I have had enough! You need to leave me alone.” He started to cry and got on his knees an started to beg me to give into him.

I panic and tell him to get up before people see. He wipes the tears from his cheeks and grins evilly. “If you let me fuck your ass… I’ll leave you alone.” Shocked a little, I scoff and say no.

“There is no way I would let you,” I said.

He pushes me up against the wall and says threateningly, “If you don’t then I will continue to follow you everywhere you go.” I panic and agree to let him fuck me. Maybe it’ll get him to leave me alone.

We stand there in the dark behind the movie theater and I pull up my skirt and bend over. He eagerly gets down and starts to lick my asshole, getting it super wet. And I am kind of digging it. He’s pretty good with his tongue.

Before too long he was sliding his dick into my ass. I love the feeling of a hard cock popping into my ass. I start to grind on his dick and let him feel how good my ass feels. He pumps faster and faster, reaching down and playing with my clit.

Soon enough I cum all over his fingers and then he cums into my ass. I back away from him and he gives me one big kiss on the lips goodbye. And walks off into the night. I haven’t heard from him since but… I kind of wish he would come back for a quickie!

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