Anal Sex – Popping His Cherry – Phone Sex

Anal Sex is hot!  Popping a man’s cherry for the first time is even hotter.

In fact, taking a nice glass cock and sliding it up a man’s ass for the first time makes my pussy wet.

I just love playing with Sissy’s, especially panty wearing sissy’s.  But that is another blog, back to this one.

Actually, the fun starts when we are getting down and nasty.  He mentions that it feels good when I run my finger from his balls to his ass hole.  You know, that sensitive area between them?

At the same time, his ass moves up and out, as if it wants more.  And I know it does want more!

Of course, I know what I am going to do next.  Putting a blindfold over his eyes lets me get ready without him knowing what will be next.

Then I move down to his legs and spread them apart, pushing his knees up and giving me better access to his asshole.

Occasionally, I stroke his cock, lick his balls and keep him in a state of high arousal.

As soon as he is really ready, I leave him to lie there alone for a moment, wondering where I went.  Next, he hears a ping from the microwave.

I return with a turkey baster in my hand filled with nice warm virgin oil.  Placing the tip at his asshole I slowly work it in.  When it is in a few inches I squeeze the bulb and he fills the warm oil shoot up and coats him.

Anal Sex -He is ready now.

Picking up my long, smooth glass dildo, with a nice hook at the end, I place it at his asshole.  I stroke his cock softly with one hand, while at the same time I start to apply pressure to the dildo.

As the head starts to penetrate he moans and his asshole tries to close up.  But, I will not have that.  I move it left and right, stretching him until the head is in.

Then, I pull back a bit before working it in past the head.  His hips rock up and his cock throbs in my hand.

With one final push, the cock goes all the way in up to his prostate.  As soon as I start to work it against the prostrate his cock explodes!  Hot cum shoots up into the air and lands on his chest and face.

Pulling the cock out of him I smile.  I know that today, I have popped a cherry and turned him into a true anal whore.

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