Anal Sex – The Night He Brought Me Back – Part One

Anal Sex – I had a problem with this for the longest time because of being raped that way.  Taken.  Against my will.  And forced to take it.  It happened more than once.  I used to enjoy anal sex.  So much.  But I was robbed of that.  I didn’t think I would ever be able to do it ever again.  Which was sad.  It was like a piece of the sexual part of me was gone.  Forever.  My friend, Steve, changed that for me.

His message to me in the morning:

“Yikes! I just woke up (horny as usual) and am appreciating and enjoying my shave job from yesterday! My balls and the base around my shaft are so smooth! Perfect for your tongue to explore, slowly… And as you feel my cock stiffen in your warm mouth, the tip of your probing tongue slides down and gently circles my full balls. The skin of my ballsack is so smooth, hairless and wet with your saliva. As you suck gently on my balls, I slightly open my legs further as I feel your body shift lower.  As you carefully lift my balls, I then feel your soft tongue probing beneath my sack. Fingering and licking my precious taint, and then the hardened tip of your tongue lightly flicking my asshole!”

So, of course, I called him.

We talked and I asked him to come over and maybe do me a huge favor.  I needed to have that “thing” out of my head.  I trusted him.  If I could fulfill his fantasy and dream then he could help me, right?

One of my best friends and former co-workers.  We had been together as friends and also intimately before.  But THIS.  This was new territory.  Well, at least for me.  Me?  To fulfill his dream and fantasy.  Him?  To have his dream and fantasy fulfilled.  And to help bring me back.  Stay tuned for Part Two.

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