Anal sex. Before he could say NO, I stole his anal cherry & MILKED his Prostate

Anal sex and Prostate Milking wasn’t in my PLANS. It just kinda happened.

Sean was a friend of mine all thru High school. We met in 10th grade and dated my senior year. He was very cute, with a swimmer/track runner’s frame. Our relationship progressed pretty fast, (as all mine do, I’ve never denied being easy) I always hung out at his house, his parents worked ALL the time, so we were left to our own vices quite a bit.

We fucked every day, like bunnies, We couldn’t get enough of each other.. mornings before school, during certain bullshit classes, and always after school.

One particular weekend, my parents had decided to go down to visit my Aunt, and I had a project due the upcoming Monday So of course, I saw this as an opportunity to change up, and Have Sean over at my house. We were watching all the different kinds of porn in my room, and I got on my knees beside my bed. I brought his semi-hard cock out, and left him on the bed watching porn,  started stroking his nice long 8 inches, and I’d remembered I had gotten some lube from one of my older Guy friends, that I played with from time to time.

Reaching into my nightstand, and opened the strawberry kiss, and dripped some all over his cock, stroking it, and watching it get really big, mmmmmm.

I was going to put the lube back in my drawer, when I saw my little buzz, laying there.

I wondered, hmmm? would he let me?? Seeing him like that,  I was going to do it.

I stroked his cock and massaged his balls with my hand, lots of rubbing, and I put his cock in my mouth, I let my fingers snake their way to that sensitive spot right under his balls, and I mocked fingering him, let my digits slide back and forth over that smooth spot, He moaned and leaned all the way back and closed his eyes. I knew he was feeling sheer pleasure.

Squirting the remaining strawberry kiss, all over my slender 6-inch buzz, but I didn’t turn it on. I began, rubbing it against his ass, slowly pushing it into his crack, a little deeper with each pass. I remember the moment he realized it wasn’t any longer my finger touching him. He sat up and gave me a look, and managed to mutter “Anna, wha-what are youuu, doing???”

My Mouth took his hard dick, all the way, feeling his swollen tip deeeeep in my throat, and I pushed the little oiled vibe, right into his virgin asshole. It slid in soo nicely. Moving it in and out, and rubbing against his prostate, almost tapping at it. I could tell each time he was losing himself a little more. He started moaning soooo loud. I felt his cock swelling, and I started fucking his asshole a little faster, mirroring the in and out motion of the buzz, with the up and down motion of my lips.

Sean’s hands GRIPPED my head, and push my mouth down on his cock.

He let out a loud GROWWWL, bucking deep into my throat. Mmmm, I swallowed every bit of his salty seed.

He told me later, that that was the hottest experience he’d ever had.
I smiled because I knew. and I’ve kept his cherry as my trophy.

Anal sex is amazing if you give it a chance. Prostate massage and milking is also, especially if you like edging phone sex.

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