It was going to be a very hot new years day. I was invited over my neighbor’s wife to get some alone time. You know me I love getting to play with the wives of the men I fuck. So excited I started to use this anal sex machine on her. I would even use it too. 

When she got there she was in nothing but a bra and panties Like I told her to be. She then came in I grabbed her hand and guided her down to my naughty basement. I had the anal sex machine ready and turned on. Her face was priceless as I grabbed her hard by the hand she was going to take it nice and deep. 

She Was Going To Take This Anal Sex Machine Deep

As she got closer to the machine her face started to get scared. I didn’t care whatsoever she was going to get this anal sex machine whether she wanted to or not. 

I pulled her to her knees and wrapped her collar around her neck and bent her over ass up. Grabbing her panties I ripped them right off. I was getting so wet forcing and doing all the kinky things to her. She was going to take this anal sex machine deep. I leaned down spread her cheeks and pushed the switch.

She Knew She Was Going To Feel So Good Why Fight It

I started teasing her asshole. It vibrated her hole teasing it and slowly making her moan. She knew she was going to feel so good why fight it. I turned the speed up a bit and let it push in her just a bit. I looked at her face as she took it bit by bit.

Soon I was going to own her ass. I turned up to speed she was at speed 5 which was halfway to full. I then pushed the anal sex machine deep in her ass. She let out a screech this time. It must have hurt a bit. I leaned down and spit right onto her ass hole. Doing it again would help wet her hole up so I could turn it on full tilt. 

I Got Stuck Watching The Anal Sex Machine Fuck Her

The Anal sex machine was on 7 now thrusting deep in her ass. I then got on my knees I was going to tease and lick her pussy now since all her juices were draining out. Staring to spread her tight pussy lips I got stuck watching the anal sex machine fuck her ass deep and rough.

Gently I started to put my lips against her pussy lips. Slowly my tongue started to lick and tease her pussy lips. There were so many pussy juices running out. My Neighbor was going to cum so big in my mouth.  She started moving her hips now. Back and forth right against my clit. I was so turned on and wanted to taste her sweet cum.

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