Anal sex: First Time Being Anal Fucked!!

I have heard anal sex gives a different kind of pleasure then regular sex. Anal sex is one of the quickest ways to make me cum. I love having my tight little ass hole thrust hard and deep. The first time I ever had anal sex was the most thrilling thing I ever did. I was just curious to know what a cock felt like in my ass.

This guy I was dating Michael was very sexually experienced. He was into basically everything. We have been dating for about a month when he asked me if I wanted to try anal sex. One night when Michael got home from work I was upstairs in my room dressed in a sexy lingerie set waiting for him. When he came to my room he was shocked by my appearance but I could tell he just as horny as me. I get him undressed as quickly as I can and start kissing all over his body.

I start kissing and biting on his hips Michael’s cock perked right up.

He flipped me over and grabbed my hip pushing my ass in his face. He started licking my pussy up to my asshole. The feeling gave my body chills. When he felt like he got my asshole nice a wet he rubbed his cock around the rim of my asshole. Then he parted my ass cheeks apart and slowly penetrated my asshole.

Pushing his self as deep as he could go inside of me. His cock was so thick stretching out my tight butt hole. I enjoyed how much pleasure I had from anal sex once I got past the pain in the beginning. Anal sex I must admit is one of my favorite ways to have sex. Now that I’ve had sex like that multiple times I really enjoy the way it makes me feel.

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