The first Time I had anal sex, it started with his middle finger.

Anal Sex – We had only met that night at the bar and suddenly found ourselves at someone’s house. My best friend and I looked at each other and selected the men we wanted and the party continued. I was still so young, I didn’t understand sex was pleasurable, but on this night I found myself with an “older” man. The lights dimmed and all the couples began to move into their little make-out niches.

He and I had shed most of our clothing and were rubbing against each other. I had my legs wrapped around him, against my chest and he began to grind his manly cock against my young pussy and ass. He knew his way around a woman, his fingers sliding through my wet, juicy pussy lips, back to my anus, which at first startled me.

“Have you ever had anal sex?” He asked me excitedly.

Of course not, I was 17. No one had penetrated that hole and I didn’t even think that happened.  I always thought an asshole was for evacuation, certainly not an entrance. But I always wanted to appear to be sophisticated. I was a woman. My asshole gaped open with his thick finger.

I lied, giggling and whispered, “Of course I’ve had anal sex!”

That’s when his pussy juice covered finger slid very slowly and gently into my ass. I moaned a bit, to cover the potential scream at the top of my lungs at the sharp intense penetration of my hole.  He used his tongue on my clit, while he maneuvered deeper inside me. I’m sure my ass was steaming hot, most certainly tight as hell and nowhere near having had anal sex before. The further he worked his finger and rotated on my clit, the more I arched my back and welcomed the intrusion. Then his mouth fell to my pussy, his tongue wickedly licking my dripping wet pussy lips and teasing my clit. My God, but that felt good. Now I made purring noises and mewls of pleasure.

He raised up, put that pussy essence, liquid covered mouth on mine and very slowly moved his cock into my ass. Anal sex. Very simple.

I jumped at first but relaxed as he eased in, He urged me to rub my clit, which I did and he managed to dive balls deep into my sweet young ass, my butt hole stretching to accommodate the large dick starting to thrust inside. I felt a sense of fullness, wholeness, and intimacy I had never felt before. This man was inside me, deeply rolling his dick inside my ass. Soon we were having mutual anal sex; I reached up to accept every inch and width of his girth. I felt his penis get larger, stiffer and start to throb and waited for what came next.

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