Anal exam?

Anal probe, am I really ready?

“Okay, I’m going to open you up a little more now. Stay with me here,” he said in a voice, almost soft.

At that I could feel my anus getting even wider, another inch maybe, stretching obscenely open. It felt like you could park a car in it, it felt that wide. God, this was wild. I could feel my pussy getting so wet that juice was dripping from it … and I could hear Dr. G clearing his throat and breathing heavier still.

“That’s good. So good. Now,” he wheeled his chair even closer to the table, picking up a slim flashlight of some kind. “Let me see you open up even more for me if you can.”

As long as he kept sliding his fingers back and forth between my lips, I would do anything he said. All I could think of now was my 2-inch wide-open anus and him looking into it. I felt so absolutely exposed and out of any control that I didn’t care about anything anymore except the sensations I was feeling.

Dr. G was really breathing heavily now, as he hunkered down into my anal opening.

I could feel the heat of the flashlight inside my hole as it swirled around … then his slid some sort of long instrument into the gaping hole in the middle of the spreader. It was slim so didn’t touch the sides of my anal wall until it was deep inside me, tapping those tender tissues that never get touched.

It felt sublime, I could feel Dr. G’s breath on the rim of my anal cavity, and the instrument was massaging those inside parts of me so that could help but begin to slightly tilt my ass up and down and around, trying to take it in every way I could. All sense of propriety was gone, all sense of modesty – with my asshole gaping like that there really is no use for any of it anymore. It felt extremely freeing, in a way.

“Excellent. Good. Oh, you are being soo good.” Dr. G said in a voice as low and raspy as a lover’s. He threw the instrument aside and jammed his own fingers into the gaping hole as the fingers of his other hand found my nub of a clit and began to vibrate quickly back and forth on it. Suddenly everything exploded and I started squealing and my body starting bucking and my pussy started squirting and Dr. G. just kept saying “Oh. Oh. Oh,” as his hands stayed inside me and rode me like a bronco.

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