When I spent a slice of my evening reading some amateur sex stories, I had no idea my night would be a reenactment of one of the greatest amateur sex stories I had ever read.

So, It was hard to believe that Chris, the sinfully sexy college-aged boy next door had snuck his way into my room. And it was even harder to believe that we were both naked in bed. I lay face-down, with him crushing me with his heavy build. I would spend my Saturday night fucking Chris and making my own amateur sex stories!

Mom’s room was only a few steps away, yet I didn’t for a second fear that she’d catch us in the act. Mom slept like a log, so other than the fact that Chris and I were both amateurs, I had nothing to worry about.

His cock was as hard as a rod. It poked my ass, making me shudder beneath him.

“Relax, Olivia,” he purred, his soft whisper caressing my ears. “The fact that you don’t want to lose your virginity just yet doesn’t mean I can’t do things to you, and a slow sensual blowjob isn’t going to work tonight.”

Then he grabbed my ass cheeks, and just as he pressed his cock against my opening, a question popped into my head.

“Wait!” I freaked out. “Is this going to hurt?”

“Not necessarily.” He kissed my neck. “I hear that working your pussy with a finger or two can help your anal muscles relax. That should ease the discomfort.”

“It’s gonna hurt then?” I asked. “Chris, I–”

So, Chris pressed the head of his cock at the entrance of my tight hole, forcing me to swallow the rest of my words. I gulped, my heartbeat starting to pulsate as I dwelled on how good it felt to have him easing his way into me.

“Touch yourself, Olivia,” he said. “Please.”

So I complied, my hand sliding beneath my body to touch the sensitive nub of my clit. He glided his hands beneath me to cup my breasts. Then, he squeezed them hard, bracing himself against my body as he forced his way inside of me.

I gasped, my stomach clenching as my ass suddenly contracted.

“You okay?” he asked.

I nodded. Grunting, he twisted my breasts as he went another inch inside of me. This time, his thrust was sudden, inflicting pain. Then, I whimpered, my hips bucking, and I couldn’t control it. New to the pain, I dug my head into the mattress and my ass stuck out reflexively–my mistake.

Finally, the suddenness of my ass sticking out forced his full length inside of me. I cried out, but he was swift to cup my mouth. My eyes brimmed with tears as I felt the uncomfortable stretching of my ass hole. I’d never taken a finger in my ass. But here I was, with a nine-inch cock inside of me, stretching me so hard it seemed it would rip me apart. I moved my fingers to my dripping wet pussy and started to move them around in circles. Obviously, I was desperate to feel my ass relaxing around his thick cock.

I wanted to fully enjoy this, and I would.


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