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He had no clue what I was up to but when Mr. Neighbor answered the door, I simply pushed my way in and we made our way to his bedroom… All three of us! I knew how much fun we were about to have with this Amateur Cuckold!

There was totally some tension in the air…

I looked back at my boyfriend giggling as I whispered in his ear telling him what I had planned, and what I wanted him to do. My plan was to fully cuckold my dear sweet stalker neighbor that was peeping through my window getting quite the show! Well, Mr. Neighbor was about to get the show of his life as I let my boyfriend bend me over his bed.

Looking back at the poor weak man standing in the corner of the room, seeing his boner I called him over. Beckoning him closer so he could see first hand what was going on!

I sat there, letting him see that massive cock sliding in and out of me as I teased him! OH, DID I TEASE HIM!! With my sweet young babydoll voice that could melt hearts from miles away! He loved it so much! I could tell by how vigorously he was touching himself! I knew that I had this dirty old fuck wrapped right around my perfect little finger! He was mine, and it was time to show him what pretty young girls did with dirty peeping toms!

Let the games being Mr. Neighbor! You have no clue what you’ve gotten yourself into! I know exactly what you need, and I’m about to hand it to you on a cuckold phone sex silver platter!

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