I have noticed when everyone thinks about thanksgiving sex, they think of getting stuffed. Now I don’t want to lie, I would love to get absolutely filled with cum anytime, but my naughty mind is going a different way this holiday season. I want to be at my boyfriend’s thanksgiving, trying to make him cum under the table without almost being caught.

Getting The Cock Hard

First, it would start off innocent. I would slide my hand on the outside of his pants, letting him know I want him. Eventually, I would be rubbing his cock with more pressure while making eye contact with his mom. I wonder if she will ever know. I wonder if she has noticed but doesn’t want to say anything.

Craving More

I would pull Jake’s cock out and slowly stroke it. I would want him to feel the gentleness of my fingers but the swiftness of my hand slipping up and down his now throbbing cock. “I’m not that hungry” would be my best excuse and my worst lie. I am hungry. Almost being caught makes me hungry for more. Once the food portion is done we make our way to the living room to rest.

Having felt how hard Jake was, I would be foaming at the lips ready for more. We grab a blanket and put it over us while I “sit on his lap”. But I am not sitting, well I am not only sitting. I would slide my little dress up, revealing under those covers to Jake that I didn’t bring any underwear. My hand would find his cock again just to line it up with this tight little pussy. I love being 3 feet from his family, as he slides inside me slowly. The slowness is torturous.

Almost Being Caught Makes It Hotter

While looking into their faces, I have to maintain composure. Balls deep. Then I grind. I grind this pussy so slowly that I can feel him twitching in the deepest parts of me while I keep up casual conversation. I keep grinding on him. My messiness is pouring down his balls. I can feel him getting closer and closer to climax as well. I wonder if he will be able to contain himself too.

The thought of almost being caught gets me so close to orgasm within seconds. I would cum fast. And Hard. Now I have to cum while keeping a normal conversation. My pussy would throb and I wouldn’t be able to take it anymore and finally release that moan right in front of Jake’s family.

I Am Not The Only One Who Failed

Jake was at a breaking point too. He grabs me, flipping me over and pounding me from behind as the blanket that was protecting our secrets falls to the floor. The gig is up. Jake is now slamming me from behind while I am still cumming all over myself and his family is watching us. “Almost being caught” is officially turned to just “being caught”. I look up, only to see his mother in shock just watching. That might not be a shock — maybe it’s curiosity? His father is unbuckling his pants and pulling his cock out, assumably to stroke to the scene.

This is how Jake finds out his parents are nastier than us. This would be perfect. A scene ending in wild foreplay, sex, and his dad’s cock would be nice. Too bad like doesn’t work the way my filthy brain wants it to. I would love almost being caught doing most of my raunchy little adventures if I could be honest. However, I did have some rough hot sex on Thanksgiving. Give me a call for some hot phone sex and don’t forget to ask about it!

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