Alien Sex Exploitation – My Fascinating Experience with the FBI Fringe Division

Alien sex exploitation – being very good at something does bring a fair amount of responsibility. I regularly come in touch with various anomalous experiences as one of the most renowned sex experts around the world. However, it wasn’t just massive cocks or weirdly shaped boobs that made me look at life differently. My experience with the paranormal is what I rank as the weirdest of them all. It too was sexual; think along the lines of alien sex exploitation.

It all started when I got a phone call asking me to show up in some remote little town for a federal investigation. I was sort of spooked, but intrigued at the same time. Who wouldn’t be? But being a good and upstanding citizen – most of the time, that is – I decided to show up.

The people I summoned were two FBI agents. They were your normal, by-the-book FBI people who looked as if nothing could quite surprise them. As I would find out later, I was right, since not even alien sex exploitation could faze them.

They weren’t quite Mulder and Scully, and it surprised me, even more, when they mentioned that they belonged to the fringe division.

“So why does the FBI require my help?” I asked.

The grim frowns silenced me for the rest of our debriefing. They went into unnecessarily long details about how a woman claimed to have experienced alien sex exploitation. The FBI needed my expertise to determine whether the experiences detailed seemed genuine or not. Conveniently, the aliens hadn’t left much of a trace. Sounds bizarre, right? Maybe even a bit kinky? Anyways, they whisked me away to a remote lodge just an hour later, to the home of a middle-aged plump woman called Debbie.

Her story seemed genuine, and she seemed honest enough. But there was something eerie about the way she talked about the sexual experiences. To my surprise, she went into very explicit details in front of us! The heavy breathing and stiffness from the agents behind me sure didn’t make it easier. However, four hours later, I finally understood what was so weird about it all.

We had been listening to her for hours but no time had passed. Debbie saw me frowning at the clock and shut her mouth. She gave me a knowing smile, and immediately the lights went out, only to be replaced by a bright light. It lasted a second but took it with us somewhere quite far away. What happened next might’ve been a dream. But the alien exploitation sex I experienced felt too pleasurable to be a figment of my imagination.

We were taken to – or teleported to, perhaps? – a strange room. It looked like some sort of dance club from the ’70s, complete with metallic chrome furniture and circling neon lights. Our movements were completely restricted by some strange force that enveloped us. Then suddenly, the invisible force untied us. I gingerly got to my feet, only to see strange beings rushing towards us from all sides.

You might have guessed that they weren’t human. But the more bizarre aspect about them was the way their body grew at the navel as if another limb jutted out from there. We screamed, scared of what was going to follow, only to have all sound from our throats halted with big alien cocks shutting us up. Needless to say, that’s when the alien exploitation sex began.

I don’t have many memories of what they did. Maybe I was too busy trying to close my eyes and scream as loudly as I could, half frightened, half delighted. What I do recall is sensing waves of pleasure and excitement rush all through my body. Those aliens sure knew how to please a woman! Or maybe just humans in general, considering how loud Agent Johnson was moaning. Ha!

I don’t know how long we were a part of this alien exploitation sex orgy, nor do I remember just how many times I was penetrated or came. We simply landed in the same house knowing what we had gone through yet our bodies, just like that middle-aged woman, had absolutely no trace of penetration or having lived through forced sex stories of any kind.

This is still my first and only experience with alien exploitation sex, and no one believes me. I admit it’d be nice to go back to that room sometime and experience it all over again!

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