“Age play!” I answered when I was talking to Joe. “I wanna play a role with you if we do this.” I think I said that too fast since he sat silent for a moment on the phone lol.

“Age Play? Hmm that’s interesting. Why that of all things?” Joe responded. I basically went on about how I do phone sex and I get allot of age play calls. They turn me on. Not like I don’t get turned on by other thing, however I love older men.

Joe’s 43 and rocks the grey hair like no man I’ve seen. He often wears these glasses that make him look even more distinguished then he is. He’s your average guy with a tad more ruggedness. Make sense? So I had to figure out how to let my current boy toy know that I wanted to fuck Joe. If you listen to Adriana and my’s podcast you would know I’ve been dating and swinging again.

So boy toy gave me the go ahead when I agreed to have a threesome with him. I JUST found out tonight I have the go ahead. First thing I did was call up Joe. He was pretty shocked, no sooner I called he got a text confirming from said boy toy that he had permission to bang me.

So Joe’s first question was, what do you wanna do with me? I really do wanna dress up and play the young girl who gets lured into his house. I wanna feel this older and much stronger man over power me and take me hard and fast.

Since finding out this new info I had to hide myself away and masturbate. I am so hot for Joe. I thought about him all week. We did make out once the weekend before. His lips just knew how to work mine. He wanted to go further, but I just couldn’t go past kissing as per boy toys rules.

So I guess my question to you mean who are in your 40’s what would you do if a girl like myself said she wanted to fuck you and do an age play role play? If you call and act out your idea get 5 extra minutes free with your paid call. Just mention AgePlayAly5



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