Honestly, I find adultery to be a thrill.

As open as my relationship is with my husband, sometimes I like things to be a secret. I think it adds to the excitement of the experience. I don’t consider it cheating. It’s not that my husband would be mad at me anyways, and I wouldn’t be mad at him if he was getting a little sexy action on the side! I’d be more upset if I found out the fling he was having was boring instead of exciting and even feeling a little dangerous. In a way, I guess I see there as being a difference between adultery and an innocent fling.

I met a guy at a coffee shop yesterday. We ended up talking because we were each given the others order. When we traded for the correct drinks, he started flirting with me. He was funny, but what I found funniest about him was how hard he was trying. His confidence was intriguing, despite the fact that he was actually a goof ball.

This form of adultery is the kind I consider to be innocent, at least in the terms of the marriage that I have.

I saw how hard this guy was trying in everything about how he presented himself. You could tell he was the type of guy who probably spent more spare time inside a gym than outside one. He seemed like the type of guy that might spend more time getting ready than I do. His orange tan also told a large part of the story about how hard he feels he has to try.

Here he was in front of me, trying so hard to look cool, and it was working! He was making me wet! I think mostly because of the thought that, if he was trying this hard to impress me, imagine how hard he would try in the BEDROOM!

This guy would probably do just about ANYTHING to prove that he could make me cum!

So, I seized the moment. I didn’t waste time flirting or considering whether or not “adultery’ was right or wrong! I already had my answer! Seeing his package swell in his pants just looking at me and feeling my pussy start dripping just looking at him was all I needed to get straight to asking him to if we could go back to his place!

Sometimes my husband and I have flings that each other is aware of, and often we have adventures and flings together. But, this one was just for me! I went back to his apartment with him! He led me straight to his bedroom and I put my theory to test. Exactly how much will this guy do to please me? What can I get him to do? How long can I keep his face between my legs?

Let’s have a little affair of our own! MILF Phone Sex!