Adult Sex Stories – Accomplice: My Boyfriend Wanted My Bitch Sister’s Virginity

Adult Sex Stories cover many topics.  For Instance, this story I wrote about some incest sex stories.

But, for the purpose of this hot blog, I am going to tell you about a time, many years ago, when my sister losing her virginity to my boyfriend.

So, we will begin with me being a very willing accomplice to my sister being deflowered.

This was probably one of the worst, according to society, and best, according to me, things I have ever done.

My sister was always a total fucking bitch.

She acted like she was better than everyone because she was still a virgin.

According to her, she was saving herself for “someone special”.

Well, because of this, she was one of the biggest fucking cock teases ever!

Often, she would flaunt her tits in tight shirts which caused her nipples to stand out.

Then, she would wear short skirts that barely covered her tight ass and swing her hips while walking past the guys.

Hell, her boyfriends were always left to stroke their own cocks after a steamy make-out session, and she didn’t care at all!

Again, she was nothing but a cock tease!

Then, one day after watching her makes cocks twitch, with no intention of doing anything about it, it was time to do something.

So, that night my boyfriend told me his plan.

He was going to get back at her for being such a bitch all the time.

And, I have to admit, I was more than happy to be his accomplice.

So, one night when my parents went out of town, it was time to act.

The night started out pretty normal, her being a smart mouth cunt, ordering me around, the usual.

I acted like it didn’t bother me and when she ordered me to get her a drink, I complied.

What she didn’t know was that before I brought it out to her I slipped a little roofie into her drink.

It didn’t take long for her to start feeling it.

Cum back tomorrow to find out what happens to my sister, the bitch.

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