I was cheating & he deserved it!

I had caught my boyfriend cheating before, but had given him a second chance. Stupid, I know! I had just gotten home from work and the house was a disaster! I had hoped my boyfriend at the time would have cleaned or have done something productive. But, I was wrong. He is still a lazy, cheating, ass hole. Which than led us into a huge argument that, like always, was going no where. I was so frustrated I left to go on a drive.

I was driving down the main street and came across an adult shop that had a sign advertising their new arcade room. Being so pissed I thought, what the hell. Why not? I went in thinking i’d go watch a good porn and play with myself to relieve some anger and stress. I walked into the store and to the back where the arcade was. Then I entered the dark room, picked a stall, and sat down.

I entered in some quarters and began my show.

It was about a big black guy fucking the shit out of a super tiny “teenager”. It had been almost a year since I had a black cock. I sure missed it! All of a sudden, I heard a knock on the wall to my right. Before I could even think of what to say a big thick black cock popped through the hole in the wall. This cock was so massive it honestly could barely fit through the “glory hole”!

I looked back at the screen, and than back at the big thick black cock. I was so pissed off I quickly lifted up my little white dress and bent down with my pussy against his cock. He must have liked it because his cock seemed to stiffen up quite a bit! I rubbed the tip of it on my pussy and I was immediately wet. The thick black cock slipped in very snug.  It has been so long since I had a black cock I forgot how much pain came with fucking a black cock. I almost started pulling away until I felt him thrust himself against the wall.

I was cheating & my boyfriend deserved it!

There were loud bangs as his thick balls were hitting against the stall wall. We were going at it so rough and fast! It wasn’t long until he started saying he was about to cum but I grabbed his thick cock tightly when he tried pulling it away and forced him to cum inside my tight little pussy.

I cheated on my boyfriend with a thick black cock, and he deserved it.

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