I Love Masturbation!

When I was young and was not sexually active with other people, I was addicted to shower masturbation. It was like as soon as I discovered what my pussy was for I could not stop masturbating every time I got into the shower. Even when I wasn’t masturbating in the shower, I was still rubbing my pussy. I even learned how to get myself off without even touching my pussy….

I used to, and still do, love to explore my body. I know my every spot, every place that can make me cum quickly. I know exactly where my G-spot is and exactly what to do to make me cum. But let me tell you about the first time I masturbated. I was young, I don’t remember exactly what age. But I had come across some porn on the internet and instantly became addicted. I found the women sexy and the cocks enormous, the more I watched the funnier I felt. My pussy started to get wet and as I took my fingers and touched my self a little, my body started so react. So I started touching myself more and more. It took me a few tries but I finally was able to figure out what I liked exactly, and how to get myself off. It was amazing, I was finger fucking my pussy and rubbing my clit with my thumb. Fuck, it felt so good, I relaxed and just let it out. I almost fell off of my chair. After that I tried different things such as a shower head or using the handle of my hairbrush to fuck myself.

My favorite was the shower head. I quickly became addicted to shower masturbation. I would set the stream to a pulsating water flow and point it directly on my clit. I used to make my family mad because I would spend hours in the shower making myself cum over and over. I would not even care if the water got cold. My hairbrush was another fun one for a few reasons. First off the handle was ridged so when I fucked myself with it, it would feel so good, just in and out, feeling the ridges and they glided in my pussy. But the best part of all was that the handle of my brush was black so whenever I was done cumming I would pull the brush out and I would be able to see all my cum. The brush handle was covered in it. I would always make sure to fuck myself nice and deep, so that I would get a lot of my cum on it. Then of course I would lick it nice and clean and stick it right back in my pussy. Then I started to get really creative and try any inanimate object I could. But, I fucked my pussy so much, pretty much raw, I thought maybe I should try to fuck myself in the ass. Oh, what a great idea that was!

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