What? You’re a masturbation addict, and you’ve never heard of a Tenga Easy Beat Egg?

We must remedy this situation IMMEDIATELY! First of all, here is the link, because after we talk about these, you are gonna want to order some! Tenga Easy Beat Eggs. Let me give you the down low on how these little wonders work! They are basically self-contained masturbation sleeves that fit over your cock and even come with lube! There are tons of different varieties, with each one giving you a different pleasant sensation!

Here’s how they work:

masturbation blog easy beat tenga egg instructions

As you can see, you just unwrap the egg (sleeve), squeeze it full of lube, stretch it out over your big hard cock, and beat away! You can get a variety pack and test out all the different types and the different sensations they give your cock while you jerk off! You can just keep experimenting with them (preferably on the phone while I give you some hot guided masturbation and/or cock teasing!) until you find your favorite one!

They are also self-containing. You cum inside it and throw it away! No messy tissues, or messy cars for my hot cheating husbands! See my married phone lovers? Your dirty ‘lil homewrecker has thought of everything you need to keep it on the down low when you call me up and jerk off in your car on your lunch break – or on your way home from work in the lonely evenings!

Now that you know about this neat little masturbation enhancing egg, you should go to the site, buy a variety pack of 6 or 12 eggs, and cum find me to try them out with!

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