You want to be a cross dressing sissy tonight, don’t you?

I can tell that there’s a cross dressing sissy buried deep within you just aching to be let out. A certain look is crossing your face right now as you look inside my walk-in closet. You’re my husband’s brother, you can tell me anything. I promise that it will stay just between the two of us. Come here and sit down on the bed next to me. It’s either: talk about it with me, or I’ll bring it up to your older brother.

What do you think your older brother will think when he finds out that his little brother secretly longs to be a cross dressing sissy? Go ahead, go into my closet and tell me what catches your eye. What sort of girly clothes or lingerie do you want to wear? Silk rubbing against your nipples and your clit stick makes you stiff, doesn’t it? Your panties are damp from the feel of that soft material sliding against you as you walk. Slip into that pair of stilettos to the right. That’s right, I did some shopping just for you. These are your size.

Go ahead and check yourself out in the mirror. Look at how much happier you look all dressed up in silky, feminine clothes and sexy high heels. Now you just need to slide some red cock sucking lipstick onto your lips and let that cross dressing sissy right out. Now that you look the part, it’s time for you to act the part. I have an idea, slip that red mini-dress over the top of your lingerie. I know the perfect spot to pick up something else that you’ve been craving.

It’s time to drop to your knees and worship that big black cock.

You aren’t honestly surprised that I know are you? Your mouth is watering just checking out those hot black studs. There’s a back room right off the main dance floor, assume the position you horny little cross dressing sissy slut. Put your mouth to work and smear that red cock sucking lipstick all over that massive big black cock surprise. Do it right, suck that cock balls deep until your eyes water and your throat is closing up around it. Slobber all over his big black balls until he’s rock hard and throbbing.

Don’t stop there slut. You obviously didn’t get all dressed up simply to suck some big black cock. Pull your thong to the side, bend over, and grab your ankles. Get ready to get stretched open like you never have before, because he’s going to give you every inch of that big dick. Feel him thrust balls deep inside of you and start pounding away. Slide your hand down the front of your panties and rub your clitty until he’s ready to explode. Make that big black cock shoot deep inside of you and milk every single last drop right out of those balls.

Now you’re learning what it is to be a cum slut for the night. Meanwhile, there’s a whole line of black studs waiting for you to service.

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 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke