Being An Accomplice In A Dark Fantasy

A good devious dirty accomplice is the one thing you need for your deepest darkest fantasy to come alive. You know that, right? Well let me set the scene for you. You and I are in the van, not a mini van but a big panel van. It’s late, the clubs are starting to close. And we wait letting multiple women pass us by. Waiting for the right one, knowing that the wrong one could mean a premature end to all our fun.

This isn’t our first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last. She stumbles out of the bar and looks around, confused like she isn’t quite sure where she is. A smile breaks out on my face that can only be described as feral and I whisper to you “She’s the one”. You nod slowly, licking your lips. I lean over and kiss you deeply before I get out of the van and approach our prey. She leans back and almost falls as she tries to focus her bleary eyes on me. You watch me talk to her, a concerned look on my face, but you know this is all part of our cat and mouse game.

She shakes her head and tries to turn away but I softly put my arm around her, laughing softly, talking to her slowly and comfortingly.

She nods her head and walks with me to the van where you are waiting in the shadowy driver’s seat. I open the passenger side door and start to help her inside when she notices you sitting there. She squeaks in surprise and you see the buzz instantly gone from her eyes. She only has time to shake her head once before I push her further in. You grab our new play thing and push her into the back, following her while you grab the rope behind the seat. I climb in and close the door behind me, joining the two of you in the back. She is whimpering, too terrified to scream and I laugh at her wasting her last chances for salvation.
What we do with our sweet young captive is only fettered by your imagination because I have no limits and no taboos. I love being your accomplice in whatever fucked up scenario you can come up with! And don’t worry, I have some twisted ideas of my own! I can’t wait to finish this particular fantasy with you. And we don’t even have to go far to find our innocent victim.

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