Swinger Sex Stories, Fucking Our Friends!

My husband and I decided after several years of marriage that we needed to liven things up a bit in the bedroom. We had beautiful sex together but anyone that has been in a long relationship can tell you. It gets boring, there are no surprises anymore.

We talked about it and decided we were going to start swinging. We set our rules and started mingling and making friends. One weekend we went away with two other couples that we had known for a while.  When we got to the hotel, they had lost Bob and Sheila’s reservation. My husband and I agreed to share our room since it was a double bed. Later after dinner Sheila and I were talking, and I discovered that she and Bob were swingers, so we decided to surprise our husbands. Once the lights went out we were going to slip into each other’s bed and fuck each other’s husband.

She tasted like strawberries!

We were as giddy as school girls all thru the evening. We had a secret that we were not telling our husbands. True to her word as soon as the lights went out she slipped from her bed, took my hand, and pulled me up. She pulled me slowly into her arms and kissed me deeply. My first kiss from a woman. It was hot, soft, and sensual. It was also long and deep. She tasted like strawberries. The back of her fingers lightly touched my nipples through my silk gown. When the kiss had ended both of our husbands were wide awake and sitting quietly watching us. We giggled and slipped in with the other husbands.

Bob ripped my panties from my body and Sheila was sucking my husband’s cock. Soon Bob’s expert tongue had me Cumming deep into his mouth. When I started moaning with my orgasm it sent my husband over the edge and he exploded into her throat! She was relentless in not releasing his cock and keeping him deep inside her throat as he squirted over and over down her throat. She was moaning and what sounded like an orgasm as she took everything he had to give. He fucked her mouth relentlessly, so much harder than he ever had with me. It was a huge turn-on to see him be wild and relentless. Bob slid his 8-inch cock deep into my pussy exploding me with sensation but unfortunately, Bob was finished long before I could reach another climax.

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