4th of July Bi FUCKFEST, for all to see

I’m from the south, and Yes we do things a little different down here in my neck of the woods. On the 4th of July My closest bi friends and I get together for a cook out/ pool party then we all have a few drinks,  and hop in big pick up trucks heading over to the fireworks show.

My best friend Shell and I always make sure we are together, the past couple years we have always made a BIG BANG of our own. Thats right, us 2, yeah we are Bi girls. You See, some fireworks shows last for hours, but I’m from a little rinky dink hole in the wall town. We are lucky if ours lasts 30 minutes.

So what are 2 girls to do, all the build up for an awesome fireworks show, Just to have it over and done with in less than 30 minutes??

Well, *big grin* She and I put on a show of our own!!

We don’t care who watches, we just hop in the BED of a pick up and we start making out. Yeahhh… that gets some attention.


I love sucking on her BIG pink nipples, and squeezing those huge heavy tits, kneading them. After we start really getting into it, the cut offs and bikini bottoms CUM DOWN… I just have to taste that sweet muff. She has the sexiest muff of light blonde pussy hair, and I love to nuzzle against it, while I’m sucking on her clit, and tongue fucking that juicy fuck hole!

She starts grabbing at me, and I know she wants to taste my pink parts..mm so we get in 69 position. We suck and tongue fuck, while all these ” not so disappointed anymore” men crowd around us.  I slip my digits into Shell’s tight wet cunt, I find her G, and I press that hot little button until she squirts all over my hand. She knows what I like, so she sucks and licks my clit until I SQUEAL, and cum hard right on her taut pink tongue.

Our Fireworks Show might suck

But we make up for it, in the back of the pick up truck.

Happy 4th y’all!

Wanna hear all about me and Shell and our escapades?

Or maybe

you wanna play with 2 of us kingdom hotties?

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