The Multi-Orgasmic Ghost!

 Being Multi-Orgasmic isn’t something I’d ever thought about before, nor was DYING! I never really thought about the afterlife, until then.  Did you know that passing under certain conditions dictates a lot?  Dying a virgin is one of those conditions. I was on my way to visit my boyfriend. I had finally decided to make his dreams cum true, and fuck his brains out.

My car was broadsided by a drunk driver and I died instantly, therefore; I left my body while the paramedics were working on it, and found myself floating toward my boyfriend’s house. Imagine my surprise when I found that asshole eating Megan Swift’s pussy.  I was about to give him my virginity, and here he was chowing down on that slut’s cunt. Right then, I decided that I would spend whatever time I had left here fucking as much as possible.

I found Buffy, at the gym.  She got me blackballed from the squad because, Tim chose me, instead of her. I jumped into her body, took off her clothes and walked her right into the locker room. Soon their game would be over and MY game began.

So many cocks, so little time. White cocks, black, big, little, straight, curved, smooth and bumpy, I made Buffy do them all. Players, coaches, trainers, I even made the little bitch fuck the water boy. What a way to discover sex. In my mouth, ass, pussy, one guy, 2, 3, 4, even 5 at once on that night! When I left Buffy, she was lying on the locker room floor covered in cum. Boy, was she gonna be sore tomorrow!

Want to know who this multi-orgasmic ghost jumped into next?  You’ll have to call me.

I’m a naughty ghost!


Body for let here.

SPECIAL THANKS to S.T.B. for collaborating!