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masochist sub

Masochist Sub Tries All Kinds of Toys and Punishments

My masochist sub likes a little CBT. A masochist sub will always know exactly what they like, but sometimes it takes a little guessing game to figure it out. This is a…

Meeting A Dom And Turning Into His Pet

I’d always fantasized about those online fetish websites. The ones where people blatantly put what they’re into, and meet up with local subs and Doms.. I’d always wanted that! I’m a little…

bdsm sex stories

BDSM Sex Stories: He Takes Me As His Sex Slave

He craved BDSM sex stories of his own making. BDSM sex stories are more fun when you’ve really lived them. Luckily for me, my boyfriend had a kink for taking control. He…

bdsm sex stories

BDSM Sex Stories: He Ties Me Up And Makes It Hurt.

Just masochist writing BDSM sex stories.. BDSM sex stories are my favorite thing to read at night when I’m going to play with myself. I think I have like 50 or more…

Rough Fucking

Rough Fucking, Just The Way I Need It!

I love a good rough fucking..just can’t get enough! A rough fucking is all I need sometimes. I crave it, sometimes it’s like I even need it. I love to tease, obviously, but there’s…

Fun Punishments

Fun Punishments For A Little Masochist

My little sub loves when I cook up some fun punishments for him to try. Fun punishments are like catnip for my sub – he doesn’t want to try the hard ones,…

Masochist adventures

Masochist Adventures & Nipple Clamps

The little fetish journey I’ve had & the masochist adventures that got me there.. Masochist adventures are just another little part of how I ended up here..and how I even figured out…

Sadist & Masochist Phone Sex

What A Dirty Little Masochist..

I have a little mean streak..and a sub streak. It depends on what kind of mood I’m in, but I can play the part of the wicked, mischievous mistress.. or the submissive…

Masochist phone sex

More adventures in being an escort!

I’ve had a lot of fun being an escort lately.. I’d always sworn I’d just keep it to phone sex, but it wasn’t enough for me. I like the thrill of it all! It’s…

Switch the roles: Dom becomes the sub

I had no hesitations getting it all ready. He’d told me he wanted to try something mew.. My dom, who was always so much fun to play with.. So much fun when…

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