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Locktober – 31 Days Of Male Chastity

What Is Locktober? When is Locktober? Better yet, what is Locktober? I will bet that these are the first questions that are popping into your head as you read this. Locktober typically…

Male Chastity Cage


MALE CHASTITY CAGE: ALL COCKS DESERVE DENIAL It is glaringly clear that you were eager, lust-ridden men are just desperate for a woman that dominates you in bed. But you need to…

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So You Think You’re Ready For CHASTITY?

Included in must have sex toys for every domme (and her sub): a chastity cage. When I’m getting to know a new caller (or recommending future fun to a regular), I always…

Our femdom fetishes become reality – Part 2

Sweetie, do you remember how you said you would do absolutely anything for me – whatever it took to satisfy my fetishes? Well, I have something I want you to do for…

interracial cuckold

Interracial Cuckold in Chastity is your New Life Now

Interracial cuckold fun is something that you have always wanted to try. What better way to try being an interracial cuckold then with some cock control? After all, the porn you look…


Humiliating And Dressing Up My Little Sissy Cuckold*

I have a thing with Alex, he’s a Cuckold loser who knows no real woman would ever want him so he tortures himself by letting his “girlfriend” fuck other guys while he…

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