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oral sex

Oral Sex is My Favorite Way to Get Off With My Partner!*

Oral Sex isn’t just fun, it’s a requirement! I can’t imagine having sex that didn’t include oral sex. It’s my very favorite thing, whether I’m giving or receiving. The last time my…

Witches & Warlocks Part 3 (2)

Witches & Warlocks ~ The Erotic Literature Insertion ~ PART 2

Witches & Warlock’s Continued Part 2 A little Background from Part 1 of my Erotic Literature. My Mom started My Witches in Warlocks Slut training. She sent me to the store To get Cucumbers with…

dirty sex stories

Dirty sex stories that get me off: My guilty pleasures

Dirty sex stories that’ll make anyone horny If you into erotic literature then you understand the guilty pleasures in dirty sex stories. My taste varies depending in my mood but I do…

Erotic Literature

Erotic Literature – Ode of a Succubus*

Erotic Literature – Ode of a Succubus Erotic literature can be some of the most tantalizing and teasing reading you can find. I personally find the Best Erotic Literature to be in…

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