Stocking Fetish: How Erotic and Sensual Can We Get?

A fetish is always about what sets your senses on fire in a way that makes you feel fully immersed.

    For me, nothing builds that slow burn quite like stocking fetish. I love just slowly sliding the dark skin-tight material up my long slender legs. I love pulling them over my pink little toenails, then gently pulling them over my ankles. Watching my tan skin get enveloped in those dark sheathes is just what I need to be wet and desperate for you.

   As I pull my stockings up past my knees, I pause to slowly rub light circles behind my knees. God the skin there is so sensitive! I feel my nipples tightening up into little peaks, my pussy is so hot right now!

Stocking Fetish gets me so worked up!

Some days I feel called to wear thigh highs, some days pantyhose…and when I really want my body stimulated I go for a full body stocking. Having everything from my feet to my nipples to my fingertips sensitized by the silky material drives me wild! Just being able to slide my whole body against yours will get me off in a matter of minutes.

     Once my stockings are actually on, we can play in so many fun and tantalizing ways. You can run your hands all over them, telling me how sexy you find me in my stockings. Then maybe I can grasp your big cock between my stocking clad feet and just slowly pump you until you’re begging me to let you ruin this pair!

    Or maybe feeling my sleek thighs covered by stockings press into either side of your face while you go down on me really gets you going. Feel free to paint my black stocking white, I’ve got plenty more where they came from! No matter what we do during phone sex, you know it’s going to be fucking hot because stocking fetish is fucking hot and I’m a sensual machine!

Extreme Fetishes with Mistress Gemma

Gemma PSK

Miss Gemma loves to tease, please, and drive you to your knees! She's a cruel little temptress just dying for an excuse to get nasty. Your very own fetish Goddess is dying to show you how taboo she's willing to go, but what this slutty Mistress really wants is to hear you beg! Her hobbies include hiking, reading, and flogging naughty little boys! Give her a call and see if you're just as naughty as she is 888-358-9809

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