Sex With A TransSexual: Why Has It Taken Me So Long?

I could feel a wave of ecstasy wash over me as my ass began to smack against her thighs.
Sex With A TransSexual

Sex With A TransSexual

Her tongue swirled around my asshole as she rubbed my clit with her thumb. I had been so engrossed with pleasure that I didn’t even realize that my eyes had been closed. When I finally opened them, I saw two massive dicks on each side of my face. I opened my mouth as a cock was shoved inside it, I stroked the other cock with my left hand. I felt her tongue slip inside my asshole as I came all over her face. Why has it taken me so long to have sex with a transsexual?

She grabbed her hard dick and began stroking it along my clit and pussy lips. My clit pulsated as she shoved her cock inside my wet cunt. I screamed out in pain as I felt her dick stretching out my tight pussy, she grabbed my hips and thrust herself deeper inside me. I could feel a wave of ecstasy wash over me as my ass began to smack against her thighs. Picking up momentum, our bodies moved in sync with each other and I could feel my body start to climax again.

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Sex With A Trans Sexual

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