He loves to sniff and lick my sweaty feet

His sweaty feet fetish turns me on. I have a very special caller with a very dirty fantasy: a sweaty feet fetish. He doesn’t just want to lick my...
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His sweaty feet fetish turns me on.

I have a very special caller with a very dirty fantasy: a sweaty feet fetish. He doesn’t just want to lick my sweaty feet clean of his own volition, either. He wants me to make him lick every salty, delicious drop.

His fantasy = he’s closing up at the shoe store at the mall, I’m the last customer to walk in right before he locks the door. It’s closing time, but I’m pushy and he lets me inside anyway. I point to the leather sandals on display and he quickly fetches a pair in my size.

Without saying anything, he knows I expect him to remove my sneakers I’ve been wearing all day and strap on the sandals. After fastening the final buckle, he looks up at me eagerly. I look down and ask him if he thinks the leather makes my feet smell funny. Before he can respond, I ask him if he would mind smelling my feet to make sure.

Of course, he has a more than a little bit of a foot fetish. And that’s not the only taboo “condition” my special caller “suffers” from. He drips precum pretty much as soon as he gets turned on. And his cock keeps dripping the whole time I’m turning him on, too.

Seeing the control I have over him as the wet bulge in his pants grows makes for ideal femdom phonesex. The bigger his cum stain, the bitchier and more domineering I get. I’m not going to let him stop at just sniffing my sweaty feet, either. He’s going to lick them clean.

I love watching and hearing my feet fetish caller whimper in perverse delight as he fits me for my leather sandals. Do you think they make my feet smell funny??

— A I L E E N
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