Cartoon Sex: Daddy likes to watch special Cartoons with me.

Does cartoon sex turn you on like it does Daddy?

For as long as I can remember Daddy always watched the special cartoons with me when it was just him and me at home. Soon as Mommy left for work Daddy would go to his secret spot get out the special cartoons and put them in to watch with me on his lap. About halfway through I would feel daddy getting harder in his private spot!
It was about that time he would put me on the floor in front of him. The first few times he did that he instructed me not to look back at him to just watch the cartoon sex and learn!

The cartoons were very interesting they characters did lots of things don’t ever see anywhere else. They were having sex. Daddy said it is what he does with Mommy, but it is a secret that everyone does we just aren’t supposed to talk about it. If I ever tell Mommy she would just cry and not want to talk about it. When I sit facing the tv. I can feel daddy shaking like he is jumping up and down. But I am the good daughter and I listen to Daddy and never turn around! Sometimes he groans deep and loudly! He always uses a towel for something then takes it to the laundry when he is finished. Today when he put the cartoon on he pulled me into his lap, but he began to rub my back and soon had me lay down sideways across his lap facing the t.v.

I could feel him rubbing my butt through my skirt.

The Cartoon boy was doing something very similar to the girl and when he raised her skirt to see her panties daddy did mine too. I laid there still wondering if daddy was going to do all the things to me we see on the video because that scared me. He continued to rub my butt and even pulled my panties to the side and spread my cheeks. He slowly circled his finger around my butthole. I was so stiff and scared. The cartoon girl had screamed so loudly when the cartoon boy had put his penis inside her butthole. I did not want daddy to do that to me!

He did not that day he just rubbed it circling it over and over! Then he pulled my panties back into place and sat me on the floor. Today he also changed how I sat. I was to look at him and watch him and not look away. He pulled his penis out and began stroking it until it shot cum out of it just like the boys in the cartoon sex did! He used his towel and then told me to go to my room and play!

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Skylar PSK

Skylar's mind is an open book and she's here to share everything that runs her on. From her own true sex stories to fantasies that make her soaking wet. She's a stunning college student who loves singing, seducing older men and having filthy conversations on the phone. Skylar loves taboo sex stories and that is what she is here to write. Don't be shy about giving this cutie a try, she'll soon become your new obsession! Call Skylar 877-430-6626

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