Cum Covered Faces: Paint Our Pretty Faces Daddy, Pretty Please!

cum covered faces

Cum Covered Faces do look so appealing.

Daddy is a big fan of them. I came across his fetish and love for cum covered faces through his huge file of cum loving videos. Daddy realizes his princess likes to make him happy, and he’s ready to show her the ropes. I bring the cutest friends around for him because I know Daddy loves watching all of us play around with different outfits and crave his attention. When it’s on display, how can you not watch? I can’t blame Daddy one bit. After all, the view is perfect.

Tight teen bodies, pretty from our heads to our toes. 

Daddy loves perfect pretty feet and always buys me the trendiest heels. I see him staring at other girls’ feet and realized it one day when a friend and I are being his naughty girls. Daddy not only begs us both to let him jizz all over our faces, but he wants a second load dispensed on our feet. Cum covered faces is where it starts. Then Daddy shoots his biggest shot once both of us tease his dick. A nice foot job for that big Daddy dick. Daddy can’t help himself. Each friend I bring home takes him down a slippery slope. Eventually, Daddy begs for more.

The more, the merrier!

Daddy likes a group of young hot girls that line up for him. All that cum has to be for us. We all chant for him to give it to us because we want that cum all over, and he has no choice. Daddy is a sick fuck and is addicted to our young holes. When we kiss, he loses it and wants us to jerk him and rub his cock and balls with our pretty feet. Daddy has to blast us with jizz. There’s no looking back now. Young tight pussy is addictive. There’s no way to turn it down and Daddy wants to see us drip with his jizz. We beg for him to paint our faces, and once we have Cum Covered Faces, Daddy works his jizz in other places.

Daddy is King.

It’s no wonder why he gets treated like one. He sure does know how to teach us several things. One time Daddy came home from a long day. I’m with a group of friends. Daddy sees us all in our bikinis and watches. I make Daddy join us, and right there in the pool, I begin to beg him to fuck us. Once he does, we can’t get enough. We continue the party inside. Daddy proceeds to worship us and gives us cum covered faces. We know Daddy must be satisfied. There’s nothing I won’t do to get him weak. The weaker he is, the more I can get what I want. I’m the ultimate spoiled princess because I satisfy Daddy and bring him all my cute friends. We fiend for that warm creamy cum on our faces, feels so good.

Fetish Phone Sex is so fun and great. You can explore all that excites you with the best sexy helper ever. 

Bianca PSK

Bianca is a no-limit sensual tease who excels at Fantasy roleplay. Don't let her sweet demeanor fool you. She is as nasty as they cum. Her charm and giggle will have you hooked. How could something so angelic be so naughty? One taste and you are in like sin. Get ready to be hooked on this teen dream forever.

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