A lot of sinful shit goes down behind the doors of the church. I’ve had my fair share of being a naughty slut with many men of the cloth. There is one time in particular that I find myself thinking about often. Especially, when I’m in bed late at night with my fingers pressed up against my puffy pussy lips, nipples hard, and horny as fuck!

Sin can be so fucking hot! Here’s a snippet of what went down one fateful night when all I could do was think of my throbbing clit and Father Jerry’s sexy lips…

“It was raining outside when I made it to the church. The church was completely empty inside and all was quiet except for the rain thumping on the roof. I was drenched from head to toe and freezing cold. When I opened the door to the confession booth I was relieved by the warmth that greeted me at the door. I removed my shoes and socks, my blouse, my skirt, my panties and bra. There I sat naked, wet and ready to confess.I began,

“Forgive me father for I am about to sin”.
Father Jerry replied “Tell me how you have sinned child of God.”

“I am naked and wet with rain water dripping from my nipples. There is nothing I would like more than to have you listen to me play with my pussy and cum for you Father Jerry.”

How did Father Jerry respond to my “confession”? Find out for yourself how we made the angels blush on the night I was Naked, Wet and Ready To Confess…



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