Cybersex is EVERYWHERE…So, why does it shock so many people that it’s how some actually find the love of their life?  Let’s keep in mind that hundreds of years ago, though there was no cyber ANYTHING, people fell in love at great distances, by written letters!  So, what would make falling in love over PHONE SEX so different?  Nothing.  Once a connection is made, a bond forged…all bets can be OFF! And what a BUMPY RIDE it can be.

When we talked it ran the gamut from Daddy/Daughter incest phone sex to the other end of the spectrum of Domination and Submission.  All of it providing some form of therapy…a great sexual release.  And somehow, over the period of days, then weeks we’ve spoken, I started to actually FEEL like his girlfriend. But, it wasn’t your typical GFE phone encounter.  It was much deeper than that.  I could actually visualize myself there when he came home from work, his favorite libation in hand.  Helping him out of his tie, then everything else.

I would slip him between my thighs in a hot bubble bath to sponge away his rough day, then meticulously dry him from head-to-toe before putting his robe on him.  I’d make him comfy on our bed before going naked back into the kitchen to finish a dinner of everything he loves to eat.  Oh!  Me?  Yeah…That’s his dessert! Giggle. I’d bring the dinner to bed on those tough days and feed him, bite-by-bite if necessary.  He’d gotten to the very core of me…Through cybersex!  Who would believe it?  I would…NOW.

After dinner, I’d clear the kitchen and return to our bed slipping beneath the sheets to lavish him with my “special attentions”. He’s always happy with those. Haha.  Running my tongue from his ankle, up his inner leg to that bulging vein throbbing with every beat of his heart.  Slowly, lightly sinking my pearly whites into that vein to stanch the blood to his cock…for a moment.  No harm done…It just makes the head flood with panic stricken blood for a second.  Very titillating.  Try it sometime.

Using just the tip of my tongue, I’d circle the head of his cock, then run it up and over the tiny hole; parting it with my tongue and licking, stroking the inside…I would tongue fuck that little hole until he started to spew the first CUMMING…the virtual river of pre-cum.  If he’d be nearly spent from the pre-cum, cum…What I was about to deliver would make his knees give way to the most eXXXplosive squirt he’d EVER experienced before…me.

My tongue, wraps around his shaft, curling in doing so…no lips involved at all; save for the smiling of those bright, ruby reds.  Can he feel it?  You’d better BELIEVE he can…and so can I!  I next find his heavy, swollen balls.  I lap at them like the little bitch in heat I am.  Sucking them inside my mouth only to separate them with my warm, wet tongue. I slide that tongue further back to envelope the smooth stretch of skin behind the one eyed guy who lives up the street from the two nuts.  Giggle.  And when I slide me tongue along the magic mile and up to the pink pucker…He goes crazy on me.  Reaching back he grabs my hair and PUSHES my face…and TONGUE into the dark cave!

Want to feel the burn of my hot tongue, Daddy?  Or, in need of a sensual girlfriend like you’ve never experienced before.  Call me for your very own cybersex romp to write home about. You may THINK you have…But, I GUARANTEE you’ve NEVER met a woman like me before.  GOD DID BREAK THE MOLD after ME!