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Previously (from Part II)…

Teasing my drenched pussy with the head of his cock, he says “I think you like it rough baby. Look how wet you are. How ready you are for my cock.”

…the story continues…

There was as almost sinister undertone to his voice, by my hot little cunt was burning to be filled – I just wanted his cock buried deep inside me. He’s covering me with his body now.  I can feel every inch of his chest, abdomen pressing against my back now, pressing me into the mattress, in effect pinning me down to the point where any movement on my part is nearly, if not completely, hindered.

I feel his breath against my ear, the smell of alcohol profuse.

“Yeah, you like it rough,” and with that, he buries himself balls deep inside my greedy pussy. And rough or not, it was exactly what I wanted, what I needed.  Oh fuck! His thrusts are brutal, savagely taking what he’s claimed. I know that in the morning I’m going to be more than just a little sore; the savage pounding my pussy is taking is pushing pain and pleasure into a euphoric meld of sensations – ones that my mind is reeling against, but my body is starting to crave.

I feel him shift his weight, his hand slide up my spine and rest on the nape of my neck. Another shift and he’s no long wedged deep inside my pussy, leaving me empty and feeling more than just a bit bereft. I feel his lips on my shoulder, nibbling kissing suckling. Keeping my on the edge but refusing to let me tumble over into the abyss of pleasures waiting for me there. I’m a bundle of sensitized nerve endings that are screaming in need… need for him to be back inside me. I wiggle my ass, trying to nudge his cock from where it has nestled itself between my sobbing folds, and slide it back to where I ache for it.  My efforts are coupled with my whines of protests, and he laughs softly at my plaintive cries.

I feel his lips at my ear again, “You want me back inside you baby, don’t you?”

I nod emphatically, my pussy in control at that moment. I hear him chuckle, then say, “OK, but just remember, you asked, no BEGGED for me to be inside you.”

His hand snakes around to my mouth and chin, and as his fingers grip hard into my flesh, he simultaneously plunges his pussy-slicked cock, not in my quivering pussy, but into my virgin ass. The hard thrust leaves him balls-deep inside me as the searing pain blinds me for a minute. I don’t know if, through the drunken haze, he has taken my muffled groans as encouragements, or if he had just decided that he was going to take what he wanted – be it consensual or a case of non-consent. The end result is the same. His cock is buried in my virgin ass.


…to be continued…

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