If My Legs Aren’t Shaking, You’re Not Done

Using his thumb, he massaged my sensitive yet eager clit.

Pussy Worship

If you missed Part One of this sex story. You can check it out here; THE EYE CANDY FROM NEXT DOOR WORSHIPS MY PUSSY. Below you will find Part Two of my sex story about Pussy Worship.

“Can I have my mail?” I asked as I reached my arm out. This was starting to get a little weird. Old Bertha’s sexy nephew who still didn’t have a name, was still drooling over the sight of my pussy. Reluctantly, he handed me the mail. But, instead of grabbing the mail, I grabbed his wrist; smiling and I said, “Don’t just stare at it…touch it”,  pulling his hand towards my pussy. I was shocked by what happened next.

Previously, he had been so timid. I expected him to resist a bit or get even more nervous and freeze up. But, he did the exact opposite. I remember thinking to myself how badly I hoped that this would not turn out to be another one of my embarrassing sex stories.

Is This Really Happening?

Suddenly, he pushed me back onto the lounge chair; his hand just inches away from my pussy. With a wild and primitive look in his eyes; he grabbed my ankles, spread my legs open and threw them over his shoulders. Within milliseconds his face was buried in my pussy. His fingers gently spreading my pussy lips open, exposing my throbbing clit. He alternated between circling his tongue around my swollen clit to flicking my clit with the tip of his tongue.

My pussy started convulsing, my body trembling, and my legs quivered slightly; I climaxed, moaning loudly. As I came, I felt his tongue slide deep inside my pussy. He groaned as he tasted my sweet pussy. Using his thumb, he massaged my sensitive yet eager clit.


Round Two? Bring It On!

Moving his head down into my pussy, his tongue sliding deeper and deeper inside me. His thumb started to massage my clit faster as he slid his tongue feverishly in and out of my pussy. I could feel my body start to tremble again. Was this guy really about to make me cum, again?!

Placing my hands on the back of his head, I shoved his head down further into my pussy. I came; much harder this time. His was tongue still buried in my pussy, licking up my sweet honey. I circled my hips, grinding my clit on his face and soaking him with my pussy juices.

Breathless, I collapsed onto my back. Damn! Did that just happen? He stood up and started to take off his pants. Laughing, I sat up in the chair. “You are SO not done yet! Look, I know that I don’t even know your name, but that’s irrelevant right now. I am impressed, you just licked my pussy hella good! But, you’re not done until my legs are shaking and my knees are weak.” I spread my knees apart as he fervently dropped to his knees and buried his face in between my legs. Worshipping my pussy with the zealous passion that it deserves.

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