I’m in search of a mythical creature – an urban legend: The Alpha Male.  Not an Alpha Male wanna-be, but the real deal. One that is instinctually Alpha, virile.  Some ladies think my search is futile, that such a being does not, nor ever will, exist.  I am still holding out hope though.  Said creature would be a male of the homo-sapiens variety that fall within these criteria:

Would Possess the Following:

  • Backbone
  • Balls
  • Guts
  • Brain (above the belt)
  • Full sized cock

Will also need the Ability to:

  • Use previously stated cock proficiently
  • Anticipate and satisfy a woman’s needs, desires
  • Make competent decisions (that benefit me)
  • Form complete sentences
  • Stand on own two feet

Other Requirements:

  • Confident
  • Non-wuss
  • Self-assured
  • Knows what he wants and how to take it
  • Can throw a woman against the wall and fuck her brains out ‘til her legs go numb and nearly passes out from the waves and waves of orgasmic pleasures that ripple throughout her body that result from the constant onslaught to her pussy (aww hell, if you can do this, then a mind blowing phone fuck is surely guaranteed, and you qualify for the rest!!)

If, against all odds, you feel you fit these criteria (or at least the last one), please notify me at once.  I will put you through a vigorous testing regiment, which I assure you, will be mutually satisfactory.


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