The Dignitary Who Fucks The Sexy Ballerina

My Ballet Company had just arrived in London and we were already on the bus to get us to Herbal Hill. We were to perform with the graduating class of the Central School of Ballet and everyone was nervous and all abuzz with excitement…Tonight, the top British dignitary and his wife would be in attendance. I wasn’t overly concerned. I knew the key to being The Sexy Ballerina every man wants to fuck,  lay in me always living the fantasy…knowing that most of the men, and some of the women wanted to suck me, lick my pussy…he dreams he fucks me…up the ass (because who didn’t like a little anal action? Cum on! I even envision being force fucked right up here on the stage…ah! Public sex! Giggle

We boarded the bus again heading for the Royal Ballet. Performing in the Covent Garden, the opera houses best venue.  We hurried to prepare. The troop then formed, center stage, and I, as the Prima, had my position to fill…Standing in front of the troop, the curtains began to rise as the orchestra queued up…Immediately, my eyes focused on the Dignitary, Sir Frances Roark. Beside him sat a rather dowdy looking woman. I had trouble seeing her as someone he would choose. Hmmmm. She must have money.

I half expected him to be locked on my face, or somewhere up there…but, his eyes had locked instantly, on my feet!

Okay…a foot fetish guy. Yum! My juices began to flow thinking about wrapping my baby-soft perfect little feet around his cock and stroking him gently until he erupts like a volcano all over my little tootsies. Cum back, Joey…It’s showtime, someone whispered in my ear. LOL Oh, yeah! Still have to work, right?

I moved like a cat in this dance, so going from fifth position, to the pas de chat…all the while watching his eyes bounce with my feet. When we moved to the penche, leaning in over Sir Roark, flashing a little tit and making the Mrs. blush a bit. I hid my giggle as I locked eyes with him.  If I need to say it…I danced my little ass off…for him.

Once we completed the show and were all set to re-board our bus back to the Central School, a man approached and handed me a note. I smiled and looked at my palm were he’d placed it and watched him half jog off. I opened the note and smiled. It was from him. Not that I hadn’t expected it…I certainly had. I think my heart skipping beats is what I did not expect!

I couldn’t get showered, taking care of ever intimate detail and re-applying a small amount of makeup, fast enough.

He had a car cumming for me and I didn’t wish to keep either of us waiting! I slid into the backseat, where he was waiting…stark naked! Oh My! Giggle. He wasted zero time pulling my dress off one shoulder before he began licking, slurping and biting into me. Yep! You heard me…biting! And I kind of liked it. Shhhh!

I was creaming my panties and he must have ready my mind, because he flipped me over his lap and began pulling my dress to halfway up my back and started spanking away. The perfect “clap” sound on each buttock meant he had perfected this particular kink and mastered the cup of his hand to effect that sound. Hmmmm. A man with experience is ALWAYS my preference. Nothing beats an older man.

There, in the back of his limousine, he spanked, bit, kissed and licked my toes. My toes people!

They felt as if they had been slipped into a warm bowl of whipped cream. So fucking sexy! that night, in that car…my dignitary, made me do things I had never before…and I wanted to do them. For the first time, I had a man bend over in front of me and spread his ass cheeks.

I got on my knees behind him and licked that soft skin behind his balls, all the way up to the tiny pink asshole and without hesitation, I entered him. I made my tongue as stiff as I could and fucked his little ass good! I loved the way he swayed his hips front and back. He fucked my tongue! I wet my palm with my pussy and stroked his huge cock as I took dips into his ass looking for that magic “button” that would make him squirt wildly. I rolled over a little bump I have felt earlier, but it appeared to be swelling. There it was…Mmmmmm Almost nothing more sexy than the male reaction to massaging the prostate gland!

He began to squirt and yelp loudly. I thought he was trying to say something but just a jumble of words cam out. I continued my assault on his tender little button, then licked him all the way back, over those tightened balls, up his shaft and over his head again. I drained him of all his manly juice. There, my older, handsome and distinguished gentleman took me in ways I had never before imagined…not just sexually. But, in a way that bonded us together, eternally.

I made it back just as the tour bus was ready to take off for our next venue. I had the assurances of my new lover that he would be at each leg of our travels to give me moral support.

After last night, my morals were in question…but I certainly needed the support of his fingers, tongue and dick! So his company was more than welcum anywhere I went!

After my safe, comfy flight back to California, I still have constant contact with my long distance lover…He cums as often as he can…And me? I still cum too. I LOOK For those stolen Moments…just NOT how you thought!  Want to know how we keep the magic alive? Does he keep me on my toes? Call me and I’ll spill some tea for you…Giggle

CUM with me!