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Teen lesbian sex was a surprise turn on for me.  Cheating in my biology class was a regular occurrence for me in tenth grade,  and Ms. Graper was an easy teacher to cheat on.  Or so I thought.  I had just finished my test and was about to hand it in when it happened.  As I leaned over to place my completed test on Ms. Graper’s test she put her hand up to stop me.  “Take your test back. I’d like to chat with you after class,” she ordered.  Looking into her stern face I found my heart pounding in my chest at the look in her eyes.  I’d never seen that look.  Walking back, I found myself getting very nervous.  Little did I know that I was about to get caught in more ways than one.

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As I sat at my desk watching everyone leave the room, my apprehension grew.  I really needed to pass this class.  Ms. Graper locked the door when we were finally alone. Turning around, she called me to the front of the room.  I complied, walking to her on legs that suddenly felt rubbery. Standing by the desk, I watched as Ms. Graper picked up her ruler and walked towards me.

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“Did you really think you could cheat on your tests week after week and not get caught?” Her words made me flush with fear.  Before I could respond she surprised me with a command: “Bend over my desk.”  Of course, my breath caught in my throat because I secretly loved being spanked.  As I bent over the desk with my ass in the air I suddenly felt my cunt fill with juice.   Hearing her footsteps, I gasped when I felt her hand lift my skirt to expose my rounded flesh. Looking back at Ms. Graper I saw her surprised face when she saw my thong.   This could easily turn into a very adult sex story.

Looking at her holding the ruler made me squirm a little as my pussy began to soak the thin strip of fabric between its lips. I turned back around so she wouldn’t see my excitement at the thought of my first teen lesbian sex experience.

Suddenly I felt, and heard, the hard sting as the ruler connected with my ass.  My moan of pain and pleasure filled the room.  Another blow hit my ass.  Teen lesbian sex was definitely on the menu. My ass was stinging even more with each subsequent smack and I was starting to feel faint from the pleasure and pain. I jumped when I felt her hand on my lower back.  Looking back, I saw the look on her face as her other hand slide between my legs.  Her fingers pushed my panties aside to push into my achingly hot pussy.  “You’re my little cheating whore, aren’t you?”  Ms. Graper whispered. I nodded fervently as my hips moved to ride her fingers.

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Her legs moved between mine, forcing me to spread my legs wider.  She reached up to grab a handful of my hair as she plunged 4 fingers deep into my soaking wet cunt.  “You know what you need, Chanel? A good fist fucking.” Gasping at her suggestion, I could feel my pussy pulsing with the beginnings of an orgasm.  Suddenly her hand let go of my hair and my forehead hit the desk as I screamed in pleasure.  I felt her fingers parting my lips and her tongue plunge deep into my hole.  As her lips brushed against my clit, an orgasm ripped through my body with explosive force.

My moan was quickly followed by a scream of pain as I felt her fist slamming deep into my pulsating pussy.  Before I even knew how it happened I was on my knees.  My voice shook as I begged for more as my body exploded in another powerful orgasm. I couldn’t even catch my breath before I was forced onto my back.  I gasped in surprise as Mrs. Graper straddled my face.  As my tongue dove deep into her wet pussy I heard her cries of pleasure fill the room.

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