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Size Queen Fantasy

My Size Queen Fantasy, YOUR Humiliation. Need Relief? Poor Tiny Dick!

Hey, Little Bean! Are YOU a secret member of the “itty bitty clitty”...

Beautiful BBW SPH

Beautiful BBW SPH – This Gorgeous Woman Humiliates Your Tiny Dick

  It continually amazes me to see how many men have those tiny little dicks...

big muscular stud

Puny Husband’s Wasn’t Enough So Her Big Muscular Stud Stepped Up

So, Do You Need a Big Muscular Stud in Your Life? Did the doctor order a big mus...

Verbal Humiliation SPH

Verbal Humiliation SPH – Bow Down To Your Humiliatrix

Verbal Humiliation SPH (Small Penis Humiliation) is what you deserve. Realistica...

Small Penis Humiliation

Small Penis Humiliation – Tiny cock so pathetic I had to tell my friends!

Small Penis Humiliation was definitely on the menu for my date this past weekend...

little white cock

Little White Cock: Yours Never Satisfies Me, So I Found One Better

I confess I’m tired of your little white cock. I know you promise all the time...

micro size dick

Micro Size Dick Gets a Long Awaited Reality Check

Your Micro Size Dick is what SPH was Created For So, I guess you’re small! LM...

small penis humiliation is on of Giseles favorite calls.

Small Penis Humiliation; He Was So Amazing But Came Up A Bit Short

Small Penis Humiliation Is Not What I expected I never thought when I started da...

Cuckold husband fantasy

Cuckold husband fantasy: Husband forced to watch me fuck step son

Cuckold husband fantasy Sometimes I just get an idea that is so hot it turns int...

Raven Pegging Phone Sex 866-391-3835


My Kinky XXX Sex Stories drive men insane.  Do you wonder if the topics you rea...

cock shrinking crystal

Cock shrinking – Sorry, I Shrunk Your Cock, But It’s Not TOO bad! ♕

Cock shrinking spell mishap Cock shrinking isn’t exactly something someone req...

Verbal Humiliation

Verbal Humiliation For the Little Pathetic Excuse of A Man

Up for a little verbal humiliation you pathetic loser of a man? (Shaking Head) L...

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