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naughty marriage affair

Naughty Marriage Affair: The Never Ending Hallmark Movie

Read this naughty marriage affair story (by one of my favorite people) if you ev...

steamy sex affair

Steamy Sex Affair with a Married Man: Bookstore Edition

A Saturday morning wasn’t when I was expecting to have a steamy sex affair...

Cheating With Me

Cheating With Me: My Best Friend’s Beau One Night Made Him Addicted

Do I think it was Gwen’s fault that her boyfriend Tyler started cheating with ...

Medical Sex Stories Stacy

Medical Sex Stories: EMT Goes Beyond the Call of Duty

Medical Sex Stories Are Here to Save You! What could be more juicy than medical ...

cheating sex stories

Cheating Sex Stories: Why Do I Really Cheat On My Boyfriend?*

Cheating Sex Stories are the best! It’s because cheating sex stories tap i...

Asian Sex Stories Lust

Asian Sex Stories: The Steamy Affair That Lasted Long Time

Spicy Asian Sex Stories Fresh off the Pan! I love Asian sex stories, especially ...

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Hot Sex with a Secret Lover: Could There Be Anything Better Than That?

The Taboo. The Depraved. The Wicked Debauchery. Hot Sex.  All For the Taking. A...

affair with milf

Have An Affair With A Hot Cheating Wife Today!*

Have An Affair With A Hot Cheating Wife Today! Cum and have an affair with a che...


Fucking mistress, reasons why I am better than your wife!*

Fucking me is like magic! Fucking your wife getting boring? Well here’s a list...

4 years ago
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Affair Alternative? Personal Phone Sex-cort

Don’t want to cheat? There’s an affair alternative. Phone sex is a ...

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