No Matter the Kink, No Matter the Desire, Let This Taboo Phone Mommy Will Feed Your Need

Let’s face it, our desires are part of us. It’s part of who we are. Just like what flavor ice cream you like best. From Vanilla to Tutti Frutti to Moose Tracks and everything in between. Doesn’t matter which you prefer. It’s neither good nor bad but just is. Now, we might not declare their existence openly, waving them like a flag for the world to see, but they are always there. And while they can be all-consuming, plaguing our mind and coloring our every thought, they can also be just a whisper, subliminally reminding us of what we desire most. It matters not with what intensity you feel your desire, because the undeniable truth is that you have them. We ALL have them. Including this taboo phone mommy.

ESPECIALLY this Taboo Phone Mommy.

While a lot of people like to stick to one genre of kink (perfectly understandable), there are those of us that like to sample from the endless selection of lusty, deviant, and exotic flavors that are out there. And like changing our hair or clothes to suit our mood, kink can feed our mood as well.

I mean really, sometimes you just want to connect intimately, a sensual encounter that reaches you deep into your soul. And other times you want to be playful and fun and just laugh and have a good time, keeping it light. I know that there are times that you just have to scratch that particular itch, no matter how taboo or “socially unacceptable” it might seem to be (whatever that means). Hey, I readily admit to having an eclectic plethora of interest and desires.

The fact of the matter is, that no matter what your particular desire (or desires) are, you will never find any taboos or judgments with me (unless, of course, you WANT me to laugh and poke fun at any “shortcomings” – humiliation can be quite erotic to some, hehe). I can be hot and nasty, or sensual and sweet. I can be your Taboo Phone Mommy, nurturing and loving, or stern and demanding. Or in turn, maybe it’s your best friend’s Mom or that naughty neighbor that puts the wind in your sail.

Whatever the mix, remember, This Taboo Phone Mommy Will Satisfy You’re Every Desire!!

Need a Mistress to teach you your place? One that can feed your need for guidance and give you purpose in your pathetic life? Then I’m your Goddess. Or maybe the flip side of that coin is more your ideal – I’d need a strong hand to make me bend to your will, but I have full confidence in your skills to make me do just that.

Want to take a ride on the dark side? Oh darlin’, you have NOOO idea the things I can teach you. From scat and water sports, to accomplice play to pedo play, to torture and snuff fantasies.  And every decadently dark flavor in between, I’m more than game.

Of course, there are times when I just want something more real. Wanting more of a connection – is that you too? Maybe you’re just looking for a sensual friend, a confidant, someone to be your ‘Jack and Jill’ playmate. Those shared times are just as hot, raw, and primal as any other kink or desire.  Two people losing themselves in each other, the intimacy palatable as we share such sweet ecstasy.

The bottom line is this: whatever kink trips your trigger, from taboo family relations to sadistic accomplice play to just an intimate encounter, I am here for you. To share in your desires, to feed them, and spin them out of control until we both shatter and explode in utter bliss. I’m here to please you (and in turn, myself as well).

I’m the real deal.

I AM that special taboo phone mommy and MILF who can make all your MILF, Mommy, Fetish, and taboo phone sex desires come true.

All you have to do is take that first step ~

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